09 January 2010

First Youtube off new laptop

I have downloaded all the videos from BARK! onto my laptop but this is the only one I've finished so far. I had to find the widescreen tag setting download program (SDCopy) and then I had to find a free movie editor since I can't find the disc for my old one (ended up with Windows Live Movie Maker - it's fine, I don't need anything fancy).

Here's 3 of Drifter's runs from BARK!. Later today I'll have 3 of Kiba's runs, 2 of Seri's, and 1 of Schiz to post.

ETA: halfway through the day I noticed the widescreen wasn't set properly, so I apologize to those who commented already, as I deleted the original video, reset the widescreen and re-uploaded it. It was just an editing detail I missed. All videos are up in widescreen now.

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