12 December 2009

Wow 3 posts today. I guess it shows I'm home alone!

I just custom cropped and ordered these two prints from Doghouse Arts. Love how happy Seri always looks. Interesting contrast to Drifter, who is always looking very serious and business-like. Seri is just joyful in everything she does! Plus. . . they sent me a $10 coupon, AND you get 2-for-1 prints - 2 copies of everything you order! So I got 2 5x7's of each, with shipping only $30. Not bad. I don't have a lot of good shots of Seri, and I can use the extras as well. And yes, these are just tiny copies from the checkout page, they won't enlarge. Just wanted to show "Insanity" in action, looking pretty cool! I actually really liked how the vertical crop worked on that jumping shot.