06 December 2009


Well USDAA has the list of people who are at the top of the point standings for IFCS, and there's me:)

Still a little weird to think that after all this time, I'm actually going to BE a "World Team Member". I will admit it maybe isn't the world team I would have chosen. And secretly I am hoping that the "other" world team is thinking perhaps they should have taken me. . . I still think it's odd they'd choose a dog who is more likely to go off course over a dog who is more likely to hit one bar now and then. But whatever. This is Drifter's last hurrah at 26". We are entering 2010 Tournaments at 22", and AKC Nationals in March at 20". It will be fun to really let him go for all he's worth. 20" is very easy for him, I will really be able to push him. I can't do that at 26".

I decided to enter the New Years Trial up in NH run by BARK. Should be a lot of fun. It's in an indoor soccer arena, and I actually get Friday off for New Years anyway, so it's a rare chance for me to run a 3-day trial without taking a day off work. I'm also hoping Seri won't come in heat till afterward so that's a shot for a Team Q with her. So I've got that and then the Team event Jan 16th weekend down in NC. Then half a day of USDAA in Feb at Keystone, just running Gamblers and GP and going home - I can't stand the 3-hour wait between classes. Then a local AKC trial or two at 20" followed by AKC Nationals. I'll be trying to get the older 2 dogs their 2011 QQ's, plus Drifter's MACH is only 4 of them away. And Seri needs to get into Exc B so she can get her Tryouts Q's. After AKC Nationals I have the Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase, which unfortunately is THE weekend after AKC Nationals, but I will probably go as the $5,000 planned prize money is too tempting for me NOT to go. I will probably not enter every dog in every class. And I might force Drifter back up to 26" starting there, so he has a good 6 weeks of 26" before we leave for England. Then we'll do a couple trials where I will run him at 26", whether AKC or USDAA, and try to focus on pushing him and leaving bars up. Then we have IFCS in May. . . after that I suppose we'll have a few USDAA Regionals, some more 2011 AKC Qualifying, and possibly USDAA Nationals at the end of September. If it moves. If it doesn't move, I'm not going. Must hold firm.

Or if I do go back to AZ, I sure as hell am flying. After developing a disability. And only taking one dog.

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