06 December 2009

Pics from AZ

These are just links to my pics from AZ. Some are kinda cool.

I bought this one as a big black and white print, cropped to vertical 8 x 10, matted.
This was a watercolor but I didn't buy it, didn't like the footwork that much.
I bought this as a 5 x 7 black and white, matted. Later I realized that this was right before his eyeballs shifted off the other way and he flew off course!
Seri weaves.
Above pics were all from Team Jumpers.
Below are from Team Standard.
Drifter demonstrates exactly how close he can get to the apex of the frame.
Some nice jumping shots. I like this one a lot. And the last jump on course.
Seri demonstrates HER version of skimming the apex. Which includes screaming and spittle.
And Seri looking actually pretty together here and here.
None of Kiba from that class.
Here's Kiba's watercolor version of the weave pic above. Cool but not $65 cool.

ETA: some of the links are lame but just hit "next" on some of them to see if there's any others if you're interested.

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