24 December 2009


2 weeks ago DJ's PS3 broke. No big deal? Well it's also our Blu-ray player, which means we can't watch all the newest dvd's. Eventually we'll get it sent to Sony for fixing.

Last Friday a virus ate my laptop. Literally just blocked internet access, installed itself on my control panel and blocked my access to antivirus software as well. Its currently and permanently turned off. Once I get the checks in for the next session of classes I will take a small chunk and get a new one.

And of course twice in the last week blackberry service has gone down for several hours, which always leaves me wondering whether its service or my device....

Last Saturday we got about 12" of snow. Its slowly melting but I can't do agility in the yard or take long hikes yet. And tomorrow or Saturday its going to rain and make it all a cold mudhole.

So basically we've been just running in the backyard every day and doing agility on Wednesdays. Excited to have two 3day weekends in a row. We hardly have any holidays at Fedex so 2 long weekends is just great. I'm getting a cold or something so this weekend I'll take it easy.

I am actually prepared for xmas this year gift-wise. I am happy with my purchases and happy to get whatever I'm given.

I also found out that even though IFCS members haven't been formally invited yet, the office pretty much considers it done and plans to send out formal stuff in January. Also the competition will be the indoor arena at the site in Britain, on a sand surface. So I'm glad I have the indoor which is probably similar enough.

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