01 December 2009


Thinking of attending the BARK trial in NH on New Years weekend. Teams anybody?

My hope is that Seri won't be in heat yet. The last couple times she came in between around the 7th, so its cutting it close, but I could always switch out Trig if Seri does come in. Thinking I should be OK though. This would do 2 things: give all my dogs another shot at Tournament Q's so I don't have to freak as it gets closer to Regionals, and so I'm not worried while working towards IFCS later in the system. Also it gives Seri a shot at her Q's. As of right now all 3 of them have only one Steeplechase Q, so any Tourn chances are welcome. I don't have a ton of USDAA planned so this would be great.

it also gives me *something to do*. I was not thrilled with the idea of taking not only a month off, but TWO. TWO is too many for me, mentally. I am already missing trialing. This is also a RARE three-day weekend for me, since the New Year is on a Friday. I *may* even get lucky and get Thursday off, or a half-day, if there is small enough demand for service on Thursday. We'll see.

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