09 October 2009

trial this weekend

Finally back to USDAA this weekend. My last USDAA trial was the North Central Regional, back in early August. Little Kiba hasn't done USDAA since the Keystone Northeast Regional in mid-June! She's been jumping 16", first to get her AKC Nationals Q's (which she did quickly) and then because I didn't want to overwork her while she was on antibiotics. Well she's off them now, has been for over 3 weeks. The dogs have been working especially hard and I feel decently ready for this weekend. First test of Seri's reworked aframe. I expect the first run I'll get a big fat miss on a 2-stride wild thing, which I will pause and correct, and hopefully after that she'll remember to control herself. It's Drifter's first trial back up at 26" since August, however I never really stopped working him at that height so I'm not really that concerned. And our first run is Jumpers so he will have to get used to it quickly.

We also get to see our PT who we last saw at the start of our "work super hard to build muscle" period, so it'll be interesting to see how they held up. Also 2 days after I saw her, Drifter fell off the dogwalk at home. And they've started wearing their Sooper Speshul Ceramic mesh sheets (not really coats, don't make them warm) at night. Anyways, I'm interested to see how they are doing. Drifter's pelvis has not been out of alignment since practice day at Tryouts last May, and he still looks in to me (I can usually see it in his movement).

Overall I think it'll be fun to be back in USDAA. We have a 2010 Steeplechase, but I'm really not too bothered about getting Q's for 2010 until I hear for sure that the Cynosports will be moving. If they don't move, I won't bother spending money qualifying. My dogs all have way more Tournament Q's than titling Q's anyway, so that's not something I need for any titles, and they are expensive. Usually $22-25 per class, double that of a regular class.

Yesterday I went with Sharon on a hike I had planned to be about 1.5 to 2 hours. Well we ended up out for 3 full hours. It was fun but tiring. Which was OK, since the dogs didn't actually do much of anything Wednesday - I had tickets to the Phillies NLDS Playoff game. Which they won. So I was happy to let the dogs get tired out. I don't let them run like wild things when I hike. I hike specifically to build endurance and core and leg muscles, NOT to work on aerobics. So to that end the 2 girls are usually on leash and Drifter is loose, as he simply trots along a little bit in front of us.

Today it's been raining on and off so I will try to work them briefly later this afternoon if it's not too wet. I don't want to do core strength the day before a trial in case they get sore.

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