19 October 2009


Last week was pretty normal, taught classes, then on Thursday it started raining. And Friday it kept raining, and it kept on raining till Sunday morning. I am SO GLAD I decided NOT to go to Fair Hill this year. I had a weekend home! I didn't stay completely dry because I'm trying really hard to get my dogs as fit as possible, so we stayed in Thursday for an "easy" day and did our core workout (ball, beg, etc). Friday we went hiking with my mom and her BC's, an easy 1 hour on-leash hike (except Drifter, who's almost always off leash). Saturday we went to check out an indoor arena, which looks really promising for classes over the winter. SO happy to find one so easily, and the owner used to do a bit of agility herself so knows what's involved! After that we stopped at a different park and did a 20-30 minutes off-lead romp around several large fields. After I got back I braved the wet yard and did a bit of one-jump work in a non-muddy bit with all 3 dogs.

That evening Kiba got up from a nap and was lame. Uh-oh. On flexing it seems to be her left wrist. She is on rest, alternating ice and laser, and on the advice of our PT, mild traction (pulling it gently for 10 seconds) a few times a day. She is definitely weight-bearing 2 days later but still off. ARGH! Why do they always do this before a big event? Last year Drifter pulled his iliopsoas. This year it's Kiba's wrist.

Sunday I took just me and Drifter down to the park and went for a great 2-hour exploratory hike. This park is one I just started exploring a couple weeks ago. I have a rough trail map in my head but it's fun to see new places. Drifter is looking fabulous, nice muscle and he is moving great, nice and easy and energetic the whole time we're out.

Today I took Seri and Drifter and did about an hour's hike, but I tried to walk really briskly. Then when we got back we did a bit of bounce work on jumps in the yard. 4 jumps, set 6', 7', and 8' apart. We worked them both extending and collecting. Drifter was wonderful, didn't touch a bar (all at 26"). Seri hit one or two but got the idea pretty well.

Off to do some traction and then laser Kiba! Then feed, potty, and go to bed and watch the beginning of the Phils playoff game.

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Lisa said...

I hope Kiba is OK. I really can't imagine why anyone going to AZ would want to run in that muck and risk an injury to themselves or dog.