18 September 2009

still waiting

I didn't trial last weekend. This weekend I have a local (1 hour away) akc trial. Drifter is entered at 20" for the last time so I am going to try to just get more QQ's towards his MACH. He's finally up to 15 so only 5 more to go.

I've started whipping them all into shape. They saw Ria yesterday and all were a little tight above the shoulders, possibly fron running full tilt around the field. Drifter's pelvis has been in for 6+ months now without any slipping and his iliopsoas remains strong and flexible.

There is only one event left in the IFCS point collection before AZ. As of today I am stillhanging onto 2nd place. There are a couple other dogs with 1 event left who can pass my total. 1 of them I fully expect to pass me, as she's only 16 points back. The next is 19 so she may also pass me but I'm pretty sure I can get more points in AZ than that dog so if I'm in 4th by 10 points I may be ok. Other dogs still with an event to go are 30+ points back so even if they have a fab weekend they won't pass me by much. I'm happy to see 6 or 7 dogs in my height who must all be planning to attend this final event - the more to spread points out, the better for me! Especially considering that this final trial had the potential to be *tiny* based on its location.

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