03 September 2009


I'm hoping Drifter gets his final double Q this weekend so I can move on mentally and really focus on preparing for AZ. I've got my schedule set now, assuming we don't need to enter an AKC trial in October last-minute (and that I can withdraw from the one I'm currently entered in). Then I can do 2 USDAA shows in October in order to prepare. I know it sounds like forever, but USDAA Nationals (Cynosport Games, whatever) are only about 10 weeks away. I have to finish planning my long lonely drive out (yes, alone!). But more than anything I need to get Drifter completely OVER prepared, including fitness, jumping skills, handling, contacts, weaves, everything. I want to so much more ready than we were for AKC Tryouts. I was ready for those, i want the next step up this time. With 2 extra IFCS-point gathering classes, there's 72 points for the taking (usually there's a potential 54) so there is a bit of room to overtake top people IF and only IF we can place high a lot. He's fast enough that he will if he stays clean. Especially at 26", there are very few dogs who can run with him. I want him ready to push.

Aside from that I've been proofing Seri's dogwalk and working on her bars. Kiba seems a little less heat tolerant on the antibiotics so I've been keeping her work sessions short. Once she's off the meds in 10 days I will start ramping up her fitness level and get her back up to jumping 22" again. She's not in the running for IFCS but I'd love to get her into one of the Final rounds this year. She's definitely fast enough.

Also I have been thinking; if I DON'T make the IFCS Team, I may go to a few trials where I know the footing is good and see if we can get some Q's towards Tryouts at 26". We'll see. Depends on where we are, how he looks, how he's holding up, if I can afford the trials, etc. I did think about doing the ISC classes in NC in January, and then entering the ones at Nationals at 26" as well, and maybe we'd win one of those and get invited. Or actually if I remember right, if you place top 3 at Nationals in 26" you get invited? That would be cool. I could do that. We'll see. This whole thing is just a "what if" that I was thinking of. After the 2 bad weekends in MD in July, I was very depressed about the whole thing. But I have to keep in mind that the footing is very bad down there, worse than Tryouts, and that some of the spacing was pretty tight (even though the rings are average size). I will wait till AZ is over and done. If I make the IFCS team it's not even something to think about. I can just go to England and be happy. Then let him jump 20/22 afterwards and focus on Seri. I was originally hoping Seri might get Q'ed for Tryouts for next spring, but she's still being goofy a lot so she won't be ready yet. Maybe for spring 2011. Hopefully.

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