07 September 2009

Nationals and Teams

I had a decent weekend. Drifter went 3 for 4, smacking the panel jump in standard on Saturday. Sunday he got the 6th and final Double Q he needed for AKC Nationals 2010. This means over 2 weekends, in 10 runs he qualified 9 times. 90% Q rate for 2 weekends is just fabulous, I guess he's really loving 20". Sorry to say he's not staying there for long. I withdrew from an AKC trial in early October as I don't want him doing too much 20" before we head out to Arizona for USDAA Nationals.

Also I'm not liking the way the IFCS point system is going to end up. I may still win my way on, but I'll have to do it at Nationals. I have already begun my ramping up of Drifter's fitness program. What I don't like is this; you earn points at 4-star and Regional events. OK. But you earn them up to 9th place (in my height) no matter how big the event is. Got 15 dogs in your height? Just don't be the lower 6 dogs and you get points. Got 60 dogs in your height? Well you better kick ass then. So say it's Snooker. You're at a 4-star with 15 dogs in your height. You get 40 points. Yay you got 8th place for 2 points! Now you're at a big Regional. You get 40 points. Sorry, that's 28th place. How is that fair? It's not. And I can't jet set around the country going where I please because I still have a job and I already stretch my vacation hours by doing what I do.

Sad to say, but I would rather have a system like AKC, where you qualify to try out locally, then everyone is compared against each other at 2 large events where everyone is head to head and you all run the same courses. (Those being AKC Nationals and World Team Tryouts). I would rather USDAA just do this. Qualify by, say, collecting at least XX number of points placing at Regionals, then attend Nationals and win your way on, and then hell, have a Tryouts! Tryouts are EXCITING and people like to watch them. It's fair.

On that note as well, I am hoping to maybe try to plan to hit Tryouts again as a contingency plan. I'd have to feel really secure in his jumping at 26" though, as we'd have to do AKC Nationals at that height. We will see. I don't like local courses at 26", but the Nationals courses weren't too scrunchy and he did fine at 24 out there, even went clean in the ISC at 26 on Friday (well I smashed a jump standard but HE didn't hit any bars)


Tammy Moody said...

I agree. It shouldn't matter how much vacation time or money one has. I do like the idea of qualifying for try-outs and having a big event for team selection.

Rosanne said...

The hard about the current system is that most of the people receiving a benefit from it aren't doing it on purpose; they just happen to live where the trials are smaller. I happen to live where they are larger. But geographical area shouldn't put you at an advantage or disadvantage. Currently it does.

I do like that usdaa's system is strictly objective. While I think akc largely chooses great dogs, some past "selected" dogs have been somewhat puzzling. If they are going to select dogs, it would be nice if they would at least email the yahoo group and explain what about that particular dog/handler made them pick them.

Barbara said...

They really should base the points on number of entries. That way it's fair. You have 100 dog in a jump height, all the points, you have 50 dogs, you get half the points.

Rosanne said...

the tricky part of that is that people who do live in more sparse areas would then have to travel to get to big trials in order to get points!

Difficult all around.

Barbara said...

How about everyone who manages to compete in the 4 required events, and does well enough (some percentage of the top team's total points) is in the running. You aim to get 5-7 people competing at each jump height.

But at nationals, everyone's points are zero'd and you compete there for the top spots.

*Everyone* runs the same courses, and you compare apples to apples.

Just a thought.

Rosanne said...

That at least is a more fair solution than what we have now, however I'd like to see more than 1 event to select a team. Sometimes people have uncharacteristically good or bad weekends. AKC looks hard at Nationals to choose dogs who may have a bad run or 2 at Tryouts.

capnree said...

I'm not really good at rules, but, at least -congrats on qualifying for Nationals! Hope to see you guys win. :)