19 September 2009

DVGSD day 1

My father went to the hospital for 2 and 1/2 days this past week. If you don't know me real well, you probably don't know, but he's been living at home for a while now with a bad liver. He's on the transplant list but his levels aren't *quite* low enough to get a new liver yet in our (very populated) area. Well this week his kidney levels had dropped so the doc called and wanted him brought in for supervision. So even though he's home already, my mother stayed home to keep an eye on him and I showed Schiz and Singe for her today (Trig's in heat).

Last night Drifter fell off the dogwalk in the backyard. It was the stupidest thing. He was walking slowly, I was walking next to him, and he turned his head and looked at me, lost his footing in the rear, and just went kaflump right over the side. Of course then his striding was off because he was a little worried. I gave him a bit of aspirin last night and this morning just in case, but he ran just fine, won Standard moving at 5.14YPS (thanks to our faster table, YAY for Drifter suddenly deciding to love cookies!), and probably won JWW but I didn't check before I left. That's double Q number 16, I'm happy we're finally closing in on MACH, we should actually have it before AKC Nationals this year. I would feel kind of silly running my 7-year old super-talented dog with no MACH title still (most Nationals dogs have MACH's already!). Kiba's on 13 but she's younger so I'm not as bothered.
Seri was running at 26" now, in Excellent A. She ran the course great in both runs except she is just not looking where she's going and judging her jumps. Bar-knocking fool. Screaming and all.
Singe was pretty good, almost got around Standard for me but popped her weaves at pole 4 which is just weird. Knocked a couple bars in jumpers.
Schiz hit one bar in jumpers and then qualified but spent so long barking at me on the table that she only got THREE points for time - she was over 67 seconds!!

I also wanted to mention that after much hemming and hawing and stubborness, I have decided that I am willing to part with Drake. He is currently living with someone who was on the list for a puppy if we repeated the breeding. She's had him for about a week, and if she likes working with him and he continues to get along in her house, then she will keep him and i will sign him over. This really simplifies my life, having 3 dogs who are already mostly trained. I am sad to see him go, he was a real lover-boy of a dog in the house, but he really needs someone to spend a lot of time with him and lay down a good foundation. Now my tentative plan will be to wait until Drifter's ready to retire from heavy work (he turns 7 on Friday the 25th!), and breed Seri to keep a pup. I'm estimating that I will do this around 2011-2012. Preferably 2012. Not sure who I'd breed her to, and of course it would depend on her breeder/co-owner at least not nay-saying (she and I may have differing opinions). Right now I'm thinking of just putting her and Drifter together. Her neck would complement him, and while neither has the perfect shoulder layback, neither is bad. But he has great body control, strength, and awareness, and she just really doesn't. He also is a nice solid size, she's a giraffe, and their temperaments would mesh well I think. Anyways it's a thought, I also have my eye on some other dogs I might like. I've got time, now. I do hope that the woman keeps Drake, she's a great home, she's very nice and is a good trainer.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I know it's hard to wait and worry - I hope it all works out for the best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the stress your family is going through. Sure hope your dad stays strong and the outcome is a good one.

Rosanne said...

Thanks guys. He's home right now and doing ok again. He's been sort of semi-permanently sick for over a year now, so it's old news to me and I'm kind of used to it. It sucks for my mother especially, as she has to stay within an hour of home to trial, and can't travel like she used to.