28 September 2009


I got Kiba and Drifter some fancy-pants not-so-cheap Back on Track Mesh Coats. My PT recommends them. They arrived today and they fit just about perfect. Drifter's tail is kept so low I don't bother putting it through the cute little zippered tail hole. They don't seem to keep the dog's skin too warm so I'll be interested to see if they make a difference.

And they will appreciate it, to be sure, if they do help, since my current philosophy is "work their asses off every day!"

Not in agility, no, but muscles. We do theraball core work, sit up and beg for long periods (currently 12-15 seconds at a time) and working on standing up from the beg. Also climing aframes in slow motion from a stand still. And hiking now that it's cooler. Sometimes we hike 5 miles mostly on-leash in a hilly, rocky, root-filled area to work on muscles and core, and sometimes we hike 20 minutes off leash on hills that are less dangerous to work on other muscles and aerobics. We also do short jump drills in the yard 3 times a week, aframe work for the girls to try to get better behaviors about 3-4 times a week, and work courses at the field once a week. We also get to run and do sprinting fun stuff at the field once a week. I want tired sore dogs right now. Because by the time November comes, they will be fit, crazy, agility machines.

I've been popping Kiba over 26" in the yard some more and she's actually powering over it. Wondering if the doxy might have made some minor improvement to her. I might enter a couple AKC at 26" over the winter *if Drifter doesn't make IFCS*. Then I'd have her and Drifter both vying for spots at Tryouts. We'll see. I may hate the way she does it and put her back down to 16 with the other smidget dogs. Poor little Kiba is just *exactly* the wrong size :-(

Speaking of sizes, how goofy is it that all dogs 17" tall and up have to jump 26" in FCI? Yet they have TWO divisions of small dogs? I mean really, why is it so wrong to have 2 height classes with border collies in them? it's a SPORT not a BREED SHOW! I'd rather see them do a 10-15-21-26 or something like that, to REALLY spread out the heights. Man, Kiba would just ROCK 18" if she was one single inch shorter!!

Could she jump 26?


Barbara said...

Why do you like these coats?

I got this one for Speck: http://www.zentekclothing.com/products-page/curved-back-coats/curved-back-coat/

Rosanne said...

The back on track coats aren't really for keeping warm, they have ceramic in the fabric and it helps increase blood flow to help muscles heal faster. I already have winter warm coats for them, these are my help-the-dogs-feel-great splurge.

Daisy said...

People make fun of my dogs because they've gotten quite the wardrobe for border collies! I still like the Obtrack coats - they keep them from cooling down too fast and they can wear them at the warm up jump because the fit is flexible enough. Got any suggestions on cooling coats? I need to get a couple before USDAA Nationals this year...

Rosanne said...

I really like the Obtrack coats although I can't afford to add more wardrobe - 2 of my guys have nice Foggy Mountain coats, not good for jumping but great for keeping warm lying around, and Seri has a castoff coat from when I had my old aussie.

Cooling coats, I have the white mesh ones that Clean Run sells, they've always worked great for me, they are light and don't get heavy with water, and do a good job of shading them from sun. My friend got the silver mesh kind that is terry underneath - also sold by Clean Run, and she liked that one a lot too. It seemed to hold the water better but was also a bit heavier when wet. Looks goofier, IMO. But I don't really think you can go wrong with either one.