20 July 2009

Weim Club (mobile) Recap

The indoor at this trial (and next weekend) has a slightly slick astroturfy surface. As such it is a good practice spot for Tryouts. Drifter was at 26 since that is now required for Tryouts scores. After the one-barfest last weekend I was determined to walk him off for any and all bars this weekend. And I did. As I've mentioned I don't usually advocate taking a dog off for that but Drifter just hasn't gotten the message. I walked him off calmly, no yelling or scruffing or anything that looked bad. Anyway, Saturday standard was first and due to poor scheduling 26's didn't run till about 4pm. He started out great but then hit the first bar on a 180 near the end, I stopped him immediately amd left. Jww was soon after and he hit a pretty random bar on a front cross. So double NQ for him. Kiba succeeded in double-Qing saturday, her 3rd for 2009. Halfway to nationals. Seri also got 2 Nov legs and I was running Schizzy as well, but we had minor faults in both classes.

Sunday was a new day and I was hopeful that earlier runs and the corrections of the day before would be effective for Drifter. But I botched my handling and stopped in the wrong spot on a fc early in std (why? Because I was watching him jump!). So that was ok, continued on and finished the course (slow to sit on the table) and no bars! So he got a big tuggy session and lots of praise. Jww he did really lovely on a rough course and then knocked the last bar. And it wasn't me slowing down because there was such a weird little handling thing at the end that I wasn't really moving anyway. So I lied him down and no tug. Quadruple-NQ for him. Weekends like that make me wonder if he should be jumping 20, but he doesn't struggle at 26, just doesn't judge correctly sometimes.
Kiba had a brainfart and missed the weave entry in std and because she hurt a toe I scratched jww. Schiz had a barely hanging on Q in std but slid past the 2nd pole in jww, and Seri rounded oyt the weekend by finishing her NA and NAJ titles.

ETA: Kiba goes on doxy for her Lyme this week. She has the next 5 weeks off after the trial this coming weekend. I hope she tolerates it well as her stomach isn't always the strongest.

My current working plan is to drop Drifter down to 20 to get my akc q's for nationals and just not worry about Tryouts for 2010. Drifter is almost 7 now and just isn't realistically ever going to be as consistent over 26 as Seri will be, so I think I will plan to finish out the year at 20, work a lot of 26 in training still and move back up in October in prep for USDAA nationals (Seri will do the same). And if Seri starts to get Qing in Exc then she'll start on her Tryout Q's. I'm plannng to focus on her as soon as Drifter's IFCS attempt is over. (And no I haven't forgotten Kiba but her goals are always the same: National level placements)

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