05 July 2009

summer trials

I had originally entered a local AKC in a lovely indoor in NJ next weekend, but instead I am packing Drifter into the Civic and driving 6 hours to MA for our 3rd USDAA/IFCS 4-star event. Because of my schedule and proximity to events, this is my only non-Regional 4-star. There are a few other "big names" coming to pick up points in my 26" height, but overall I'm not too worried. Drifter is just *really* fast and with Team classes being time+faults we can still pick up a few points if we have minor faults or a so-so run.

I actually decided to help work some. I will have some down-time Sat/Sun as all the Team stuff is Friday and I am only running 2 classes on each day Sat/Sun, and I'm only bringing Drifter since the girls aren't doing IFCS and are already fully qualified for Nationals on a local level.

This coming week is fairly busy. Monday after work I am going to run to the park and swim the dogs, then return home and take Kiba and Drifter to the vet. Kiba needs her 3-year Rabies vacc booster, check-up, and heartworm/lyme test. Drifter just gets the dubious pleasure of having his anal glands purged. He is my only dog who does not manage to do it himself, and gets that icky swollen butt thing going on. Nasty. He started out really good about having it done but he's getting annoyed now that it's happened a few times. I can only imagine (not that I want to) how uncomfortable that must be!

Tuesday I have to leave work an hour early so I can take Drifter and myself out to NJ to see our PT to get ourselves in good shape for July. After the IFCS 4-star I have 2 AKC trials in a row on somewhat-slick indoor soccer turf down in MD. Drifter doesn't slide much, but I don't think he's run in that particular building at 26" before (working on Nationals and Tryouts Q's - if we don't make IFCS we are going to be ready for FCI!). Kiba's at 16" down there so shouldn't have any trouble, and Seri's at 20" to try to get her Novice legs quickly. She doesn't have much experience on slick footing but she's pretty good at twisting around to keep the bars up. Anyway after seeing the PT I have to drive back to PA for class at 6pm.

Wednesday I have class at 3pm then I need to make sure I'm fully packed because Thursday I am leaving work as soon as the majority of my work is done and heading up north. I want to get out early because there's ALWAYS traffic in CT. Usually in/around Hartford. And I haven't been north of Springfield for years and years so that will be different.

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