15 July 2009

Riverside 4-star

I can sum up Riverside quite easily.

One bar.

Friday was all 5 team classes. We started with Team Gamblers, where he hit one bar in the opening and i proceeded on with merely a growl. 5th place.
Team Jumpers - tough course. Serpentine up the middle, rear cross, serpentine up the middle, rear cross, rear cross. Got through all the tough parts gorgeously. then hit a bar on the straight stretch near the end. I stopped him and corrected, incurring a 2-fault refusal as well. 8th place.
Team Snooker - 7 was 6 weaves in the middle, missed one weave entry which was unusual but we fixed it quickly and still finished the course. No bars but mistake made us 4th place.
Team Standard. Take a guess. One bar. I stopped and growled at him. He looked sorry. I went on. Time-wise he was still the fastest even with the stop, and I think we were 6th with the bar.
Team Relay I volunteered to go 3rd and he didnt' want to stay so we argued for a few seconds, but once he controlled himself I released and he was great.

So Friday was Gamblers 1 bar, Jumpers 1 bar, Standard 1 bar. 17 points total.

Note I only had Drifter at this trial. Only reason I went was for IFCS points.

Saturday I only entered Masters Standard and the first round of Steeplechase, so no points-gathering classes. Standard was first and he hit . . . 1 bar. Once again I stopped and corrected him. I really wanted to practice the table so I went on.
Steeplechase round 1 was absolutely gorgeous and he was seeded first with the fastest time of the day of any height.

Sunday we had Masters Standard and for the umpteenth time he hit. . . 1 bar. I growled at him rather harshly but again it was early in the course and I wanted the table and see-saw so we went on. Did the table pretty quickly at least.
Steeplechase Round 2 was next. Started out well, really nice corners and aframes, then I rear crossed a tire, pulled to the broad jump, and headed for U tunnel, and the little bastard cut diagonally across the broad jump and shot off into the far end of the tunnel. Ignoring me yelling for him to come back. So being the last dog to run I heeled him off the course. WTF? He has a very well-trained and usually great broad jump, which involves him straightening up without much help, but for some reason he just shot off into space. So E, no points.

Grand Prix was last. This course had its issues but I wasn't getting a terribly exciting vibe off it. Like Keystone, we'd done a lot of dogwalk-into-a-corner and I was getting nervous. Luckily this weekend I was set up to be ahead of him each time and was able to use my motion to drive him hard down the DW and he didn't come off early like he did at Keystone. So he ran this one gorgeously and won for hte full 9 points. Overall 26 for the weekend, the least amount we've collected yet, among the least competition. He does thrive on adrenaline, little bastard taht he is.

Saturday I was seeing a mild limp on the left front when he came out of the crate, so tomorrow we are going out to visit Ria to make sure it's nothing. He seemed fine Sunday.

Anyway I came home a little disappointed as we had 5 bars in 10 runs. That's too many. He only hit 3 bars in the 18 runs over both Regionals in June. That is a more realistic failure rate for him.
And weirdly he still hasn't hit more than one in any given run. Pretty much as far back as I can remember, he hasn't hit 2 or more in a run. That's strange!

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capnree said...

I loved being able to watch Drifter -I tried to even just get a halfway decent picture of him for you, but, just too fast...