28 July 2009

Corgi Club brief recap

This was another akc trial at the same slick surfaced indoor as last weekend. I had the same dogs including Schiz.

I went into this trial withe decision to move Drifter to 20" in AKC firmly in mind. So this was to be his last 26" akc trial, and I tried to be more positive with him and even got him doing tricks for treats while waiting behind spectator chairs (lots of "lie down"!). He did hit a random bar in each run Saturday although aside from that he was great. Sunday he finally had a great clean run, smoked the standard course AND went down *immediately* on the table! I wasn't that worked up about getting a double though because the upper ring seemed extra slick that day, but even though he didn't Q in jww, he didn't knock any bars either. He ran around 2 jumps and slid into the 3rd weave pole! I think he was trying to adapt by not sliding and it made him go wider. That's better than knocking bars; I can work with wide.

Kiba popped off the table Saturday. Sunday she double Qed for her 4th of the year, which means she's at 10 total, half a MACH and only 1 behind Drifter. She likes 16"! She slid a lot in jww Sunday but was able to keep the bars up. She is now going to enjoy 4 weeks of vacation from agility while she finishes her aggressive course of doxy to battle the Lyme.

Schiz came very close to a 2Q on Saturday but missed her frame in std. She had an awesome 6.23YPS jww run that was the fastest time of all dogs and got us a lot of complements. Sunday she was whacko and went off course but at least did a great dogwalk.

Seri continued to cooperate in my quest to get into excellent by Qing in every single class. So she now has 2 legs in each class of open. I'm starting to be hopeful that we can actually get qualified for Tryouts! (Which we would then attend if Drifter doesn't make IFCS)

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