31 July 2009


looking at mountain bikes as a way to keep myself in shape and have some fun on the trails when it's too hot or too many ticks for the dogs to go hiking.

My birthday is only a month away, so DJ and my mom may help me buy a good durable off-roader like this one that I love in Satin Bronze.

28 July 2009

Corgi Club brief recap

This was another akc trial at the same slick surfaced indoor as last weekend. I had the same dogs including Schiz.

I went into this trial withe decision to move Drifter to 20" in AKC firmly in mind. So this was to be his last 26" akc trial, and I tried to be more positive with him and even got him doing tricks for treats while waiting behind spectator chairs (lots of "lie down"!). He did hit a random bar in each run Saturday although aside from that he was great. Sunday he finally had a great clean run, smoked the standard course AND went down *immediately* on the table! I wasn't that worked up about getting a double though because the upper ring seemed extra slick that day, but even though he didn't Q in jww, he didn't knock any bars either. He ran around 2 jumps and slid into the 3rd weave pole! I think he was trying to adapt by not sliding and it made him go wider. That's better than knocking bars; I can work with wide.

Kiba popped off the table Saturday. Sunday she double Qed for her 4th of the year, which means she's at 10 total, half a MACH and only 1 behind Drifter. She likes 16"! She slid a lot in jww Sunday but was able to keep the bars up. She is now going to enjoy 4 weeks of vacation from agility while she finishes her aggressive course of doxy to battle the Lyme.

Schiz came very close to a 2Q on Saturday but missed her frame in std. She had an awesome 6.23YPS jww run that was the fastest time of all dogs and got us a lot of complements. Sunday she was whacko and went off course but at least did a great dogwalk.

Seri continued to cooperate in my quest to get into excellent by Qing in every single class. So she now has 2 legs in each class of open. I'm starting to be hopeful that we can actually get qualified for Tryouts! (Which we would then attend if Drifter doesn't make IFCS)

23 July 2009


I'm currently in the process of uploading a bunch of videos to YouTube (link at right). Three from a local USDAA 5/30/09, and then some from the AKC trial last weekend, including Drifter's unfortunately knock-bar=walk-off's.

20 July 2009

Weim Club (mobile) Recap

The indoor at this trial (and next weekend) has a slightly slick astroturfy surface. As such it is a good practice spot for Tryouts. Drifter was at 26 since that is now required for Tryouts scores. After the one-barfest last weekend I was determined to walk him off for any and all bars this weekend. And I did. As I've mentioned I don't usually advocate taking a dog off for that but Drifter just hasn't gotten the message. I walked him off calmly, no yelling or scruffing or anything that looked bad. Anyway, Saturday standard was first and due to poor scheduling 26's didn't run till about 4pm. He started out great but then hit the first bar on a 180 near the end, I stopped him immediately amd left. Jww was soon after and he hit a pretty random bar on a front cross. So double NQ for him. Kiba succeeded in double-Qing saturday, her 3rd for 2009. Halfway to nationals. Seri also got 2 Nov legs and I was running Schizzy as well, but we had minor faults in both classes.

Sunday was a new day and I was hopeful that earlier runs and the corrections of the day before would be effective for Drifter. But I botched my handling and stopped in the wrong spot on a fc early in std (why? Because I was watching him jump!). So that was ok, continued on and finished the course (slow to sit on the table) and no bars! So he got a big tuggy session and lots of praise. Jww he did really lovely on a rough course and then knocked the last bar. And it wasn't me slowing down because there was such a weird little handling thing at the end that I wasn't really moving anyway. So I lied him down and no tug. Quadruple-NQ for him. Weekends like that make me wonder if he should be jumping 20, but he doesn't struggle at 26, just doesn't judge correctly sometimes.
Kiba had a brainfart and missed the weave entry in std and because she hurt a toe I scratched jww. Schiz had a barely hanging on Q in std but slid past the 2nd pole in jww, and Seri rounded oyt the weekend by finishing her NA and NAJ titles.

ETA: Kiba goes on doxy for her Lyme this week. She has the next 5 weeks off after the trial this coming weekend. I hope she tolerates it well as her stomach isn't always the strongest.

My current working plan is to drop Drifter down to 20 to get my akc q's for nationals and just not worry about Tryouts for 2010. Drifter is almost 7 now and just isn't realistically ever going to be as consistent over 26 as Seri will be, so I think I will plan to finish out the year at 20, work a lot of 26 in training still and move back up in October in prep for USDAA nationals (Seri will do the same). And if Seri starts to get Qing in Exc then she'll start on her Tryout Q's. I'm plannng to focus on her as soon as Drifter's IFCS attempt is over. (And no I haven't forgotten Kiba but her goals are always the same: National level placements)

15 July 2009

Riverside 4-star

I can sum up Riverside quite easily.

One bar.

Friday was all 5 team classes. We started with Team Gamblers, where he hit one bar in the opening and i proceeded on with merely a growl. 5th place.
Team Jumpers - tough course. Serpentine up the middle, rear cross, serpentine up the middle, rear cross, rear cross. Got through all the tough parts gorgeously. then hit a bar on the straight stretch near the end. I stopped him and corrected, incurring a 2-fault refusal as well. 8th place.
Team Snooker - 7 was 6 weaves in the middle, missed one weave entry which was unusual but we fixed it quickly and still finished the course. No bars but mistake made us 4th place.
Team Standard. Take a guess. One bar. I stopped and growled at him. He looked sorry. I went on. Time-wise he was still the fastest even with the stop, and I think we were 6th with the bar.
Team Relay I volunteered to go 3rd and he didnt' want to stay so we argued for a few seconds, but once he controlled himself I released and he was great.

So Friday was Gamblers 1 bar, Jumpers 1 bar, Standard 1 bar. 17 points total.

Note I only had Drifter at this trial. Only reason I went was for IFCS points.

Saturday I only entered Masters Standard and the first round of Steeplechase, so no points-gathering classes. Standard was first and he hit . . . 1 bar. Once again I stopped and corrected him. I really wanted to practice the table so I went on.
Steeplechase round 1 was absolutely gorgeous and he was seeded first with the fastest time of the day of any height.

Sunday we had Masters Standard and for the umpteenth time he hit. . . 1 bar. I growled at him rather harshly but again it was early in the course and I wanted the table and see-saw so we went on. Did the table pretty quickly at least.
Steeplechase Round 2 was next. Started out well, really nice corners and aframes, then I rear crossed a tire, pulled to the broad jump, and headed for U tunnel, and the little bastard cut diagonally across the broad jump and shot off into the far end of the tunnel. Ignoring me yelling for him to come back. So being the last dog to run I heeled him off the course. WTF? He has a very well-trained and usually great broad jump, which involves him straightening up without much help, but for some reason he just shot off into space. So E, no points.

Grand Prix was last. This course had its issues but I wasn't getting a terribly exciting vibe off it. Like Keystone, we'd done a lot of dogwalk-into-a-corner and I was getting nervous. Luckily this weekend I was set up to be ahead of him each time and was able to use my motion to drive him hard down the DW and he didn't come off early like he did at Keystone. So he ran this one gorgeously and won for hte full 9 points. Overall 26 for the weekend, the least amount we've collected yet, among the least competition. He does thrive on adrenaline, little bastard taht he is.

Saturday I was seeing a mild limp on the left front when he came out of the crate, so tomorrow we are going out to visit Ria to make sure it's nothing. He seemed fine Sunday.

Anyway I came home a little disappointed as we had 5 bars in 10 runs. That's too many. He only hit 3 bars in the 18 runs over both Regionals in June. That is a more realistic failure rate for him.
And weirdly he still hasn't hit more than one in any given run. Pretty much as far back as I can remember, he hasn't hit 2 or more in a run. That's strange!

05 July 2009

summer trials

I had originally entered a local AKC in a lovely indoor in NJ next weekend, but instead I am packing Drifter into the Civic and driving 6 hours to MA for our 3rd USDAA/IFCS 4-star event. Because of my schedule and proximity to events, this is my only non-Regional 4-star. There are a few other "big names" coming to pick up points in my 26" height, but overall I'm not too worried. Drifter is just *really* fast and with Team classes being time+faults we can still pick up a few points if we have minor faults or a so-so run.

I actually decided to help work some. I will have some down-time Sat/Sun as all the Team stuff is Friday and I am only running 2 classes on each day Sat/Sun, and I'm only bringing Drifter since the girls aren't doing IFCS and are already fully qualified for Nationals on a local level.

This coming week is fairly busy. Monday after work I am going to run to the park and swim the dogs, then return home and take Kiba and Drifter to the vet. Kiba needs her 3-year Rabies vacc booster, check-up, and heartworm/lyme test. Drifter just gets the dubious pleasure of having his anal glands purged. He is my only dog who does not manage to do it himself, and gets that icky swollen butt thing going on. Nasty. He started out really good about having it done but he's getting annoyed now that it's happened a few times. I can only imagine (not that I want to) how uncomfortable that must be!

Tuesday I have to leave work an hour early so I can take Drifter and myself out to NJ to see our PT to get ourselves in good shape for July. After the IFCS 4-star I have 2 AKC trials in a row on somewhat-slick indoor soccer turf down in MD. Drifter doesn't slide much, but I don't think he's run in that particular building at 26" before (working on Nationals and Tryouts Q's - if we don't make IFCS we are going to be ready for FCI!). Kiba's at 16" down there so shouldn't have any trouble, and Seri's at 20" to try to get her Novice legs quickly. She doesn't have much experience on slick footing but she's pretty good at twisting around to keep the bars up. Anyway after seeing the PT I have to drive back to PA for class at 6pm.

Wednesday I have class at 3pm then I need to make sure I'm fully packed because Thursday I am leaving work as soon as the majority of my work is done and heading up north. I want to get out early because there's ALWAYS traffic in CT. Usually in/around Hartford. And I haven't been north of Springfield for years and years so that will be different.