13 March 2009

USDAA Announces:

The 2009 Cynosport World Games will take place November 11-15, 2009. The event is returning to Scottsdale, Arizona, two weeks later on the calendar than in the previous two years in order to avoid end-of-October heat. The event will once again be webcast through USDAA.com.

We researched many new sites for the 2009 Games, but we were unable to find a facility that met our criteria that was available on dates that would work with the current tournament season schedule. Since choosing a particular facility may necessitate an earlier regional season, we will look at 2010 with that in mind, and know when the championships will be before the regional schedule is finalized. The search for an eastern or central site for 2010 continues in hopes that it can be announced at the Cynosport World Games this November.

Kiba prays to the agility gods for a closer site next year

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