02 March 2009


So I haven't sent in my Tryouts entry yet. I need to get Drifter his Rabies vacc with microchip number on the paper. I keep putting that off, although I do want to also get him Lyme/Heartworm snap tested and anal glands expressed, all before AKC Nationals. So I think I'll try to get him done the Monday after Paws in Motion. I wanted to give him a couple days to recover from the vacc (he hasn't had any vaccines since spring 2006, and that was just the 3-year rabies). I don't vaccinate my adult dogs unless I need to for something (after their 16-month boosters I mean). Kiba won't get her Rabies renewed unless she makes the IFCS team.

anyhow, I was looking at the drive to MN, and its about 18 hours. Ick. So I looked at flights and the flight out is only 3+ hours. However. Flying a dog cargo is FAR from cheap. our flight to AZ in fall 2006 cost us 250 per dog, per direction. That's 500 for the dog. So 500 for Drifter, 250 for my flight, 60 for the rental car, 40 or so for long-term parking, and I'm looking at 850.
Driving I have to take into account 2 extra nights in a hotel so maybe 150, gas but here's the catch; with only one dog I will put a crate in the back seat of my Civic, and merrily make 35+ mpg! For 2400 miles of trip, at a pessimistic $2.10 per gallon, that's onlky $150. Even if I figure in how much money I'd lose by taking unpaid vacation for 2 extra days from work for the driving, I still SAVE $300 by driving rather than flying. isn't that nuts?

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Donna said...

It is nuts how much they charge to fly a dog. I'm sorry but when the dog's ticket is twice the cost of your ticket and it's in the CARGO hold, something is wrong. And, now they charge $100/direction to fly a dog under your seat and, for that much money, you can't even let its head out of the bag. The airlines really tick me off with that.