07 March 2009

TBAC Day 1

TBAC Day 1
I'm currently uploading the videos to YouTube but the mpegs always take forEVER so I'll add a post with them later on.

First up Drifter 24" Standard. This course wasn't bad overall, but had a couple spots where you had to dance around a jump or a judge in your way. Still, I was excited about the dogwalk being on a long straight line after the weaves. Drifter started out well, all the way to #15 dogwalk, where he proceeded to hit once on the down ramp (our new issue, apparently) and pop off, NOT taking the tunnel afterwards. This is especially strange because usually once I've told him "GO TUNNEL" pretty much nothing can stop him from stampeding down the ramp and into the tunnel. This time I got nothing - a pop and some hesitation, he didn't really focus on the tunnel at all. He leapt off and came straight to me. Whether he was confused or whether he knew he'd done it wrong, I don't know, but I immediately told him to lie down and walked off the course. i did not get this monstrosity on video - my videographer kept pushing the wrong button:-)

Next up was Seri's 24" Novice JWW. She was absolutely nutso in the building today. Quivering and whining before she went in (and she was the 5th dog in the class!). Even so, she stayed with me and worked hard for the weave entry, handled well, just dropped two bars. She rushes and ends up too close to the jumps. Oh well. Video to come on this one, and it's LOUD.

Kiba's Exc standard - I handled the opening slightly different from Drifter because Kiba is not at skilled as going out over a jump and coming right back without "shopping" her other options as Drifter is. I planned a flip/push off the bottom of the aframe to a chute. Well something got up her butt and she flew off the aframe straight ahead and to the left while I was turning hard to the right. Strange but true. Kiba went off course. Video to come. Rest of the run was ok, I briefly corrected her see-saw because she didn't wait for my release, but it was a very brief pause.

In Excellent JWW there were a lot of front/rear cross options, and I felt that the ending especially was easily doable either way, but because I've been trying to handle seriously and push for things, i decided to all the fronts. Very few people did. And Drifter was fabulous. i believe he had the fastest time of everybody, and he was the fastest 24" dog by 2 seconds. Video on the way.

Seri's Novice Standard was sort of a train wreck. I did not get video but it really wasn't worth videoing anyway. She sort of ran/fell/flew off the bottom of the dogwalk, missing the contact entirely. Then she ran off at a right angle away from me and ran through a tunnel before realizing i was standing waiting for her and coming back. Then she was better but still just totally didnt' see the see-saw the first time. Sigh. One day she'll grow up!

Kiba's JWW was almost as lovely as Drifter's, just one or two mildly wide corners. His time was 25.71, and she was hot on his heels at 26.03. The slight wideness made the difference. I left before the class was over but I'm assuming she won. Got this on video too.

I am surprised by the number of people who keep asking me why I don't run her in 16" to blow all the 16's away at Nationals. And someone who doesn't know me at all asked why I didn't run 16 so I could win. Well the answer's the same - Kiba can win 20", and that's what I'd rather win! When she gets older or has physical issues with the jumps, then I will drop her right away. i am the absolute first person to be upset about other people keeping their dogs up at higher heights longer than they should, but for now Kiba's doing just fine.

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