20 March 2009

Remember me?

I used to post all the time, but now that I'm not posting at work and have class and other stuff to do when I get back, it's been hard to squeeze in blogging time. Monday after work I took Drifter and Kiba for a short (50minutes) walk in the park. I climbed that hellish hill I found back in January because I heard people talking off on my normal trails. I was sort of dreading it because I had set out only intending on a casual walk, and the last time I went up that hill it was dreadful. Well apparently I'm in better shape now, because I chugged right up the whole thing. i was breathing hard, definitely, but I didn't have to stop to catch my breath at all and didnt' feel tired afterwards. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked my dogs a bit and taught class. Drifter's dogwalk continues to cause me no small amount of anxiety. At the training field he wants to skip a stride on the down ramp, as he was doing once in a while at home. Skipping that stride means he comes across the top ramp, goes over the 2nd apex, hits ONCE in the middle of the ramp, and leaves again. I've been trying to convey that this is unacceptable behavior by picking him up and putting him back in the car, but he just didn't seem to get it. So I gave up (sort of) and ended up going back and adding his old foot target back on (it's a 2" by 2" piece of plexiglass, hardly obvious), back-chained a few times, then worked with that in place. MUCH better. Such a dork. It's almost like he just doesn't want me to relax about the damned obstacle. Like he is deliberately making me work it over and over with a slightly different slant. I know he doesn't do it on purpose, but some days it sure seems like it!
Kiba, on the other hand, had a brain fart and couldn't remember how to enter the weaves from a severe soft-side entry. Why do they always do things like this before a big event??

Thursday (yesterday) I went out to see Ria with Drifter, Kiba, and myself. Drifter had some mild tightness behind his shoulders, which was a bit unusual. So now I'm wondering if that was the cause of the dogwalk iffiness, or if it was an effect of the numerous repetitions I had done. I guess I'll never know. I don't plan to drill DW's again before nationals. I will work courses on Sunday and integrate the DW into them and if he does it well, I am just going to pretend nothing was wrong. Kiba was in pretty good shape as well, except for a small tightening in her upper back (she always has a bit of tightness in her back - I know I've said i wouldn't, but I am considering doing 16 in AKC with her next year to preserve her body). Then I had my shoulder worked on. I'm a mess. The shoulder pulls everything around it tight, from my neck down to the middle of my back. She had trouble believing I didn't get headaches from my neck being so ridiculously tight. But I don't. I also have full range of motion with my right arm, although certain motions have little strength behind them, and certain other motions cause a clicking or grinding sound. Anyway. I'm in much worse shape than the dogs. The months at 26" didn't seem to have any ill effect on Drifter's body, as he looked pretty darn good overall.

Tomorrow I plan to pull everything out of the van and clean it. Pull out all the old course maps, all the AKC armband numbers, the audiobooks I never listened to, the dirt from the muddy pawprints, etc. I'm going to vacuum. i'm going to take it to a car wash. Then I'm going to put 2 crates back in, and in the back make a nice snuggly bed area because I may bring them to work with me on Wednesday to get a head start on my drive down to Raleigh.

proof that Kiba actually was bigger than Seri, for a few weeks (Seri is 11 weeks here)

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