16 March 2009

Paws in Motion USDAA Day 2

A good day, overall.

I did bring my camera, however I only got one run on tape, and it was unspectacular so I'm not going to bother uploading it (youtube=pain in the ass).

First up was Drifter's Grand Prix. I pressured myself on this run. I WANTED this run. It was a fairly tough course too, which was good, made me think. I've found I perform best with Drifter if I hype myself up *just enough* to get some adrenaline going. I am SO relaxed and chill that I am not edgey enough sometimes. Drifter likes it when I'm edgey and he rises to the occasion. Not saying we often NQ because I'm so relaxed I mess up, on the contrary I hardly ever really mess up, but I think Drifter can feel it somehow. Anyway, he ran clean and gorgeous and we won 26"! SO glad, because now he has 1 each of steeplechase and GP, so he's Q'ed for Regionals. And with the girls both having their Q's for Nationals (2 of each) I feel that I don't need to attend several USDAA trials I was planing, which will save me probably $1000 or so all told. I may hit an AKC trial instead, but maybe not. I can't quite take the whole time off though, I'd go mad. I think it will be good to change our practice time/trial time ratio though. I really like what I am seeing this year from my dogs, and the only real difference is more consistent practice time on really tough courses.

Anyway, Drifter and kiba also Q'd in Masters Gamblers (no surprise there), Kiba q'ed in Jumpers again and I totally forgot to go see where she placed. Then I hung around for 2nd round of steeplechase. Seri's 26" class was relatively small, since many dogs faulted in the first round, and one dog had left for home (long drive). Seri had a great run but knocked one bar and ended up 2nd place, still good for $56 (140 dogs entered!). Kiba had a fantastic run in 22" and won by a good margin, good for another $98, so I came home very happy that I stayed. So a good day, Drifter won GP, Kiba won Steeplechase and Seri got a 2nd. Whew!

I promise to try to get more video at AKC Nationals, which is our next trial. Thursday we have the pre-nationals PT appointment with Ria, home over the weekend to work out kinks, then I leave next Wednesday! So soon, I can hardly believe it!

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AussomeDogs said...

Congrats again! And good luck at Nationals!