06 March 2009

Park and Dream Park

well the snow's melting. and while there is definitely mud, it is not as deep as it could have been, I guess. Yesterday I took Drifter and Kiba to the park for an hour walk, and today I took Drifter, Kiba, and Seri for a half hour run (whenever Seri comes, it's a "run", without her, it's a "walk").

Seri especially is REALLY funny with the horse jumps. They are usually sort of stacked logs held up by smaller logs on the side, or sometimes something else, but usually wooden, and usually 2 feet high or less (if you're agility-only, that's 24":-). Every time we round a corner and there's a horse jump in the next "lane" (it's a big circlular-ish area with different wide lanes with horse jumps in them) Seri and Kiba RUN full-bore up to the jump - Kiba jumps it and then just wanders around waiting for me. But Seri runs AROUND it and goes to the other side of it, runs up to the base of it, and stares at me over the jump. "should I jump it mama? can I? Please? now? now? how bout now?" and she'll stand there staring at me across the log for however long it takes me to catch up. Kiba does it sometimes too, but if I don't tell her to jump it, Kiba wanders off. Seri just waits. It is so freaking cute I want a pic, but I don't really want to lug my camera up there just for a couple shots. Maybe next time. Maybe not.

I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to get to the trial in time to have Seri measured and walk Drifter's standard course. Exc Std 26/24 starts running at 7:45. Luckily even with Seri's classes (Nov!) I'll be out of there by 1pm. Sunday will be the longer day; I have to be there around 8 for Seri's first run, but 24/26 is last in Exc and so is Seri's other run in another ring, so I'm scheduled to be there till almost 5pm. Ick. At least I have 3 dogs, so a little bit busier than a normal AKC trial with just the two Exc dogs.

Don't know if I can get all my runs recorded since my designated taper (mother) won't be there all day like I will, since she has a 16 and 20 dog, no 24's.

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