22 March 2009

Had a pretty busy weekend, for a weekend home. Most weekends home I am content to hang around and do very little "stuff", and enjoy it. Especially after the insane amount of trialing I chugged through during the latter half of last year.

Yesterday I worked the dogs in the yard a bit in the morning, going back over Kiba's iffy weave entries and Drifter's questionable dogwalks. We had a pretty good session, I worked on finding the right amount of push on Kiba's line to get her soft side entry (normally I'd train it instead, but with Nationals in a week I want to know what I need to do). For Drifter's dogwalk I worked on encouraging forwardness on the first two ramps and a firm "touch" (his old foot target word) command on the bottom plank. It worked pretty well, actually; it was just enough to get him to focus down and toss an extra stride on the end, which is all I really wanted. I also worked on his full-out 90-degree dogwalk-weave, which he does quite well.

After my morning session, DJ and I headed out, first stopping at Kohls for some running pants, then at Borders for the third book in a series I just started. I like this author and I know I will read them quickly. I was dismayed to find that this particular book was only in hardcover, but since I've already started the first book and like it a lot, I went ahead and splurged. So I have 2 and 1/2 books of a series, plus the newest Dexter book to read at Nationals. Staying by myself and only having 2 runs per day with 2 dogs, I will probably get plenty of reading in. I find it a wonderful way to stay relaxed, and it also keeps the dogs relaxed by my being there with them. After our two shopping stops we went to the theater by the King of Prussia mall (2nd largest in the country, by the way) and saw Watchmen in IMAX. I really enjoyed it. DJ has the full comic, and I read it last summer and enjoyed it a lot too. They changed the ending up a bit in the movie, but the spirit of it and actual outcome are almost the same, they changed the "vehicle of destruction" you could say. Still, we very much enjoyed it. I thought Rohrshach, in particular, was a very well played character who acted and sounded exactly as I had envisioned him.

when I got back I did one more brief work session in the yard, again getting decent results from both dogs.

Today I met with Sharon for some course work at Julie's. Both my dogs were a bit out of it, really, but I was happy with their obstacle performances, including Drifter's dogwalk. And I've found in the past that a poor training session is in no way a predictor of poor trial results, so I really don't let it bother me too much. When I got back, I spent the better part of 2 hours stripping everything out of the van, cleaning it, vacuuming it, putting stuff back in, then having it washed. Looks much better now. I left out the 2 (of 4) rearmost crates and put in a big fluffy dog bed instead. I am planning to take Drifter and Kiba with me to work on Wednesday to give me a head start on my drive to Raleigh, and I thought it would be nice if they could hang out together in a larger area in the back of the van, instead of being stuck in their crates the whole time.
After that I started laundry and got stuck watching romantic comedies. That, by the way, is all DJ's fault. He started me watching this stuff, and now I love it. Saw "Must Love Dogs" for the first time this afternoon, it was great. Love Mr. Cusack, he's very good at the moody broken up dude attitude. Anyways, tomorrow and Tuesday will be for finishing packing, then Tuesday evening I teach class, then Wednesday I leave! I'm excited to be on my own for the trip, actually. Even getting my own hotel room! At a comfy Hampton too. Ahhhhh relaxing!

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LitlBigDog said...

"Must Love Dogs"??? Not a movie I'd choose for you! Are you going sappy on us?