28 February 2009

Drifter's frame

Here's a video from practice in the building on Tuesday. I was already feeling slightly cold-ey (throat, coughing) so i wanted to do something without a lot of running for me. So here's what Drifter's aframe performance looks like. I tried to do a few different approaches and exits. He's really pretty amazing, I only hope one day I can get Seri to be so consistent. (I video'ed her too but it's not nearly so pretty!). I tried converting to an mpeg this time. I've been having trouble with my videos hanging up on youtube. Also I download from the camera's hard drive as an mpeg, then convert to wmv using my movie edit program, and that conversion takes a long time. Converting into another mpeg is quicker. however youtube takes much longer to upload the mpeg, even though it's only 720x480, while my wmv's were 1280x720 (for whatever reason, that's the highest resolution mpeg my editing software will allow). Hopefully the combination of lower resolution and different format will get rid of my hang-up problems. It certainly played more smoothly on my computer.

Anyway, for your consumption, Drifter's aframe!

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