04 December 2008

Happy Birthday Smidget!

On 12/4/04 in Oklahoma, a litter of border collies was born. I didn't know about it. I wasn't looking for a border collie puppy. But 10 weeks later I saw the leftover pup on a webpage, with the face seen below. Inquisitive and fiery. And cute. And I made the decision that that inquisitive fireball should be mine. So I emailed, made a phone call, spent some money, and about a week later a 12-week old itsy bitsy fiery beastie was mine.

When I got to the Philadelphia Airport to pick her up, I had to go to a separate building, a cargo terminal. There they told me it looked like she hadn't made it onto the plane in Atlanta, where she'd had to make a stop. So they spent 10-20 minutes fussing around and making calls and eventually it turned up that she was, indeed, right on the dock by the plane. They brought her down. She had been in the crate for almost exactly 12 hours by then, but hadn't soiled it at all. When I tried to walk her on the crappy gravelly dirt by the car she sort of stuck to my leg, looking timid and scared, so I put her back in the car, figuring if she peed in her crate the newspaper would absorb it.

Kiba at 12 weeks
When I got home, the outwardly timid puppy was gone, to be replaced by a pup who wears a mask and cloak of fieriness but is forever a pretty timid little dog inside (she is still scared to go outside in the dark!). When I first let her free in the house she ran around like a wild thing, sticking her nose into everything she could find. Because her breeder uses a "potty box" with her pups, she had an annoying habit of seeking out dog beds when she had to go!

Kiba at 14 months

Kiba stopped growing at about 6 months. I remember measuring her throughout the spring of '05 and I know that by early July at least she measured exactly the same height she does now (just under 18"). She continued to fill out, but to this day people ask me how old she is.

When I first started training her, she was very soft. If I said "No", she ran back to my door and flipped upside and refused to come. If I leaned over or glared, she ran back to the door. If I let her be wrong 2 times in a row - she ran back to the door. I persevered, refusing to run a dog who couldn't deal with being wrong. I picked her up (gently) brought her back, and asked for a behavior and rewarded. Eventually her drive started overcoming her fears, especially after her first few shows when she discovered agility was fun.

Kiba at 2 years

Over the last year, at 3 years old, Kiba has been transforming before my eyes. My soft, "never going to be the fastest" little dog is suddenly becoming a drivey "could anyone possibly beat her" sort of dog. She has many annoying little obssessive compulsive habits in the house, and she has relatives with health issues, so she is spayed. She is not the perfect dog by far. But she is very cute, and she is very fast, and she is a lot of fun. I think I'll keep her!

Kiba at 2 years+11 months at USDAA Nationals 2007

So Happy Birthday Kiba!
officially Lock-eye Kiba AX AXJ MAD TM-Silver
Turning 4 years old and already:
AX, AXJ, qualified for 2009 AKC Nationals
(from 2 legs in Open to 6 Double Q's in 15 trials)
MAD, Tournament Master Silver
1st Place Team Overall at Fair Hill 2007
Winner of 3 local Grand Prix's in 2008
1st Place Team Overall at Northeast Regional 2008
1st Place Team Relay and -

2nd overall Team in 2008 USDAA/Cynosport World Games

Kiba this year at 3yrs

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Sharon Gilligan said...

Happy Birthday to the Kiblet! I can't believe she is 4 - time goes so fast! Gusto turns 4 in March. i would like to keep him 3 forever.