23 October 2008


Well the Phils pulled it off and won last night, thanks to Cole Hamels, Ryan Madsen, and Brad Lidge pitching, and Chase Utley and a few others providing some offense. World Series Game 1 down, only 3 more wins to go!

I tried to stay up and watch some of it, got through the first 2 innings, fell asleep, woke up and watched the 5th, went to bed again. I actually saw the last of the scoring in the 5th, as they ended on the same final score of 3-2.

Today we are going to train and pack up. I have to remember to buy some water for the trip (distilled, no liquidy excrement due to water changes on this trip thank-you-very-much!), then pack dog dishes and hairbrush type stuff that I am still using. Can't believe we leave TOMORROW! I'm excited!

The USDAA site has the running order and check-in info up. Bleh. I only have 14 dogs listed between mine, which means I will be needing Sharon to helpe me with holding/ferrying dogs back and forth to the crating area, especially since it sounds like there's no parking on the road around the field this year. Last year I brought the car in and just "staged" my dogs in the car with fans.

Go Phils! Even if I won't be able to stay awake again tonight!


Sharon Gilligan said...

i didn't watch the game but greg told me they won. cool!

i saved all the docs from the usdaa site to my hard drive. we will have access to it even if i can't get online.

LitlBigDog said...

Have a great time! Drive carefully!!!!