16 October 2008

Things that make me happy

This for one.
Pretty exciting that the year I got partial season tickets is the year they made it all the way to the World Series! Go Phillies!

Another thing that makes me happy. Gas prices last week dropped the biggest amount ever since they started recording such things 30 years or so ago - 33.3 cents in one week. If you estimate our trip to AZ and back at about 5000 miles (yeah, a lot). If the average gas price is only 2.90 and the van averages 24mpg gas will cost $604. If gas had still been hovering around $4 it would have cost us $833 instead. The drop in gas prices over the last month will probably be saving us over $200! Woohoo! That's like getting 2 of our 3 planned hotel nights for free! Yay!

Something else that made me happy yesterday was that Singe did well in class. Even my mom noticed that she is checking up more and not over-accelerating/misreading my speed cues. And the bars she did hit were because she was trying to turn tight, so while I do stop and try again, I don't get after her too badly because she is still working out the mechanics of turning and leaving the bar up and precues and such. I'm feeling a little bit optimistic about this weekend with her. We'll see!

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LitlBigDog said...

Best of luck at Fair Hill! I'll look forward to hearing how Singe does!

Hugs to my Drif Drif! I'm sure he'll be happy watching from the sidelines this weekend ... NOT!