01 October 2008

Strange Dichotomy

When I was a kid (and a young adult) I traveled to agility trials with my mother. She entered, she paid, she drove (or we shared the driving). Thus, I generally just let her schedule which trials we went to and what hotels etc. Now that I've been doing this on my own for several years now, I find that I have an obsessive need to schedule trials months and months ahead of time. I am already planning for next February. I am actually upset that USDAA clubs don't have their info on the USDAA's event calendar for next spring yet. I had no idea I'd be like this. I find it a little strange. I am also very neat and organized at work, and while I don't necessarily have my entire work day scheduled precisely, there is a loose order and routine to what I do every day and I make sure it all gets done.

The strangeness about all this is that in my own home I live a very disorganized and messy life. I hate cleaning, I hate folding laundry, I hate mowing the lawn. My car, while generally not filled with dirt or mud, definitely collects spare clothing items. The dog vehicle collects empty water bottles and half-filled ziploc baggies of dog food. And while I am aggravated to live and drive in messy conditions, it's not usually enough to make me clean it every day. Odd, since if I walk into my work area and the opposite shift has left more than one or two things lying around I am Supremely annoyed and wish horrible violence upon them.

Isn't it strange? Home life - disorganized mess. Work and Agility life - hyperorganized scheduled neatness. Hmm. I'm a weird one.
So, if I start keeping the house and car super clean, would my agility scheduling go down the drain? (doubtful, but an amusing theory)


Today I am teaching my mother's afternoon class. It's not exactly huge, with 4 people in it. But I haven't taught much lately so it's a change from the norm for me. I have to watch myself because I use a lot more outside arm prior to front crosses than she does. Our handling has diverged a good deal lately. I will bring Drifter, Kiba, and Seri all to class, show up early and work the 2 Nationals attendees, then run Seri in the class. She needs the excitement. (well, she NEEDS it like I need a hole in the head, but rather I meant that she should get used to it more!). I'm actually excited about finally running her again this weekend! Even if it is only in Advanced Gamblers, Starters Standard, and Grand Prix. Then Sunday she has to sit in the car while I do more AKC. It's a split weekend for me. USDAA on Saturday in Millersville, MD, then Sunday morning I'm leaving early for Wilmington, DE for a day of AKC. One last chance at double Q's before I completely change focus to USDAA for a month.


Sharon Gilligan said...

I'm wierd with the agility building...if there are jumps scattered, things moved I get irrationally angry. Could care less about most things in my house. I do tend to keep my car somewhat clean but nothing like before agility - I was hyper-vigilant with my car.

I think we do the things required to help us be successful. I was completely organized when I managed call centers. After leaving, I became much less organized in life and the change surprised me.

Rosanne said...

The only time I got mad at "your" agility building was when I came in and they had the ponies in there and they had moved EVERYTHING. Scattered jumps don't bug me, I guess.

Isn't it weird how our minds compartmentalize stuff like that though? Work=clean, Agility=organized, but house=sloppymess!

It is hard to keep a dog car clean, you have to admit that!

Sharon Gilligan said...

OH yeah - keeping a dog car clean is nearly impossible. I aim for not totally messy though :)

I hate when the fing ponies are in the building!!!!!