21 October 2008


I strained my quadricep. I looked it up.
I'm guessing its a bad grade 1 strain to my rectus femoris (the main part down the center of the thigh). I fit a few grade 2 symptoms as it is a bit painful to the touch and I had some pretty severe pain on impact when walking yesterday, but overall I don't think I have the swelling or severity for a grade 2 strain. So I'm guessing the worse end of grade 1.

Here's definitions:
Grade 1 thigh strain:
What are the symptoms?
Tightness in the thigh.
Unable to walk properly.
Probably not much swelling.
Trying to straighten the knee against resistance (video) probably won't produce much pain (unlike a grade 2 or 3).

Grade 2:
What are the symptoms?
Probably cannot walk properly.
Occasional sudden twinges of pain during activity.
The athlete may notice swelling.
Pressing on the muscle causes pain.
Straightening the knee against resistance causes pain (video).
Unable to fully bend the knee.

Because I can fully bend my knee, and there's no visible swelling, AND I didn't notice the exact time that I injured myself, I'm thinking its not too serious. Here's the recovery for grade 1:

Use a compression bandage or heat retainer until you feel no pain.
Ease down on training for a week or two but no need to stop unless there is getting pain.
Apply cold therapy if pain is felt in training.
See a sports injury professional.

If it's grade 2 it gets more serious:

Ice, compress, elevate, use crutches for 3 to 5 days.
Wear a heat retainer or support.
See a sports injury specialist who can advise on rehabilitation.

I don't feel like I need crutches, and this morning the impact pain of walking is lessened pretty significantly - still hurts, but not bad. Running does not cause any particularly severe pain either. I did laser the area and have been trying to stretch. I'm in a similar boat that Drifter was in, I guess:-)

I did some dogwalk work with Drift the last few days, hoping he doesn't forget it all with Nationals so close. He did ok overall, not as perfect as I'd like but I stuck a small strider at the top of the ramp to remind him to extend over the second apex and after a few reps he was remember how to run properly even without it there. He remember the dogwalk-GO-WEAVE exercise - I think that's one of his favorites. He extends and pounds down the ramp for his weave poles (he loves them). Not so much for the table:-)

He looks great still. I'm happy.

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LitlBigDog said...

You take it easy! I am expecting good news from Scottsdale again this year! ;o)