03 October 2008

Phillies game and more Paypal woes

Last night DJ and I went to the Phils vs Brewers game; National League Division Series Game 2. Wow! is all I can say. It started at 6 but we got there early to get a good parking spot (near the lot exit gate!) and have time to wander around. We even had pretty good tickets, lower level, just foul of the foul pole, not quite in the outfield but close. Citizens Bank Park has great views all around though, and since we weren't that high up we had really good seats. Also, we lucked out and ended up with aisle seats! We didn't know because most of the sections are 40 seats wide but ours was slightly irregular, being in the 'joint' or 'curve' of the park it was slightly triangular. But very cool to have aisle seats! We only got the tickets last week too on a last-minute offer emailed to me because of my partial season tickets.

They gave everyone a "rally towel" which is a white towel with a red logo that says "Fightin Phils" on it. Whenever we cheered we stood up and waved the towel - makes for a crazy effect when the entire stadium was waving them (attendance was a park record 46,208 - about 1,000 of which were Standing Room Only).

The game itself was fantastic. We were a little nervous as the Brewers had C.C. Sabathia pitching, who is billed as one of the greatest pitchers in the MLB right now, but Philly basically tore him to pieces. In the 2nd inning the crowd starting chanting "C - C" really loud and mocking. Really got a good loud rhythm going. And just then CC started to crack. He went from throwing strikes to throwing balls, and after walking 2 to load the bases our own "Flying Hawaiian" Victorino hit a grand slam to put us up 5-1. After that Sabathia just wasn't the same. The crowd continued to chant at him on and off, and cheered every time he threw a ball. Our pitcher, Brett Myers, had a great game, and pulled off two amazing at-bat's where he ate up 9 and 10 pitches of Sabathia's time and the Brewers' pitcher ended up leaving after 3 and 2/3 inning, after throwing 98 pitches, a good chunk of those balls. After that there wasn't a lot of hitting going on from either side, really, but the crowd was very excited and wild, and the players were obviously playing for all they were worth. We stuck it out to the 9th inning, and the Phils won 5-2. Then I took a very minor detour after mucking my way out of the packed parking lot, and we managed to get from the lot to 95 South in only 15 minutes! (I heard that when leaving the first game it was taking people 2 HOURS to get to the highways). Hooray for looking at Google Maps and finding a way around!


So I got to bed around 11 and got up again at 3, so I'm running on 4 hours of sleep. And then when I checked my email this morning, I see 6 charges to my Paypal account by Skype (an international web/calling service). I've never used Skype in my life. Very strange. Even stranger is that there were 6 different 10-Euro charges (about $14 each), and Skype had immediately refunded 3 of them, but not the others. So I had to go back into Paypal and dispute them as unauthorized transactions. Really, how was I Skype-ing someone while I was at the ballpark? DUH! Anyway I'll have to wait a bit to hear from Paypal whether they will refund it or not. Hopefully they will. My account did not appear to have been hacked (well, and why hack something just to take like $80 and then refund half of it?), but I will be closing it permamently as soon as I get my money back from paypal. I'm sick of dealing with them, they don't provide the service they say they do.

I'll be offline until Sunday afternoon - leaving for Artful Dodgers in MD this afternoon, and staying there overnight until Sunday morning when I head up to Wilmington, DE for one day of AKC, then back home Sunday afternoon to catch Game 4. I'm really hoping we can pull in a station in the RV that plays the game on Saturday!

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