09 October 2008

Paypal does something right for a change

Remember last week when I said I had 6 Skype charges on my Paypal account, but only 3 were refunded? Well it happened again the other day, except this time it was 10 pounds (british!) instead of Euros, and this time all 6 were refunded. WEIRD. I emailed Skype this time and bitched that I wanted them to stop billing me since I never use their service.

Today I heard back from Paypal regarding the Skype charges from a week ago. And they actually ruled in my favor - that there must have been a third party broke into my account or something. But I still find that strange since, um, they refunded all but $45 of it. Why break into someone's paypal account (which I had 2 credit cards and a check card linked to!) only to charge $45 worth of Skype fees? Then do it again and refund all of them? Why? that is not logical at ALL! Anyhow, I removed all 3 cards from my paypal account so even if someone tries to charge it they won't get the money from anywhere. I already had paypal send me a check for my balance (a whopping $50), so paypal has no way to get money from me without me consenting to do so (by entering a card #). Anyhow Paypal concluded that the charges WERE fraudulent and they would refund the remaining ones and look into the security of my account. Fine by me since I removed my cards already anyway, AND I haven't seen Paypal or Skype show up on my credit card statement yet (been checking online) so I don't think I've actually paid them anyway.

Looking forward (anxiously) to seeing the PT this afternoon. Kiba will be going just for a pre-Nationals check-up, and Drifter obviously is going to get a more solid diagnosis and rehab schedule for his leg. If it is as minor as it seems to be right now, I believe he MAY be OK to run at Fair Hill... If not then he should be fine by Nationals at least. Being a minor muscle pull I may get away with just using a long slow warm-up to get him going. We'll see today!

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