06 October 2008

Mystery Lameness

Since I grew up dealing with performance horses and dogs I'm usually pretty good at evaluating lameness. I can trot them out, manipulate joints/legs, and usually at least pinpoint an area where something is wrong, even if I can't say "It's XYZ muscle that is pulled". I could say "it's in the groin area" or "it's the front left foot/toes". Well this thing that is making Drifter limp? Mysterious to the Nth degree. First I think its his left toe - an old injury that is No Big Deal if he limps for a day or two. Then I notice its worse when he's trotting on a right-hand turn. Well that would indicate a right rear, given that the head-bobbing is going along with the left front, and the right rear bears weight on a right hand turn but moves at the same time as the left front. But then it looks like when he stands he is shifting weight off of his left front. But flexing it reveals nothing, no swelling and he only cried once when I did it, and never again. And he's a baby, he always cries when something hurts. No crying on manipulation of the right rear, BUT he is not stretching it out properly like he usually does, he pulls it back like it's tight. So maybe it is the iliopsoas again after all? I have to say he's never limped quite like that with the toe thing. Crazy Mystery Lameness!

Obviously I won't be working him this week. I heard back from Keystone's secretary (she's so nice!!) and she pulled him and is even giving a refund. I'm leaving him in for Fair Hill for now since he's only got to do 22" and he's only running 6 total classes over the 2 days there. I heard back from the PT and he goes out to see them on Thursday afternoon. So I guess I'll know after that whether he can do Fair Hill or not.
For now he is going to get laser treatment on his right groin and his left front wrist/toe just in case. And leash walking. That's it. Poor guy! I don't even think I can swim him, but I will ask on Thursday. I don't want to lose all that muscle tone I worked so hard to get! Luckily he's been working 24/26 for a while now so taking a week or two off and then doing 22" really shouldn't be too tough, and overall his handling is pretty good, just a couple minor issues I think I can handle around since I know what they are.



Emily said...

Super crummy about the random/undiagnosed lameness. Bummer, dude!

Will you still be showing your other kids at Keystone?

I think Helen must be one of the nicest trial secretaries!!

Rosanne said...

Well at this point I'm probably 78-83% sure it's his iliopsoas again. Which means I just need to have my excellent PT tell me how long he needs to be off/how bad it is.

Yes I'll be at Keystone with the girls. They'll be the tiny growling flying squirrel and the giant screaming tricolor