08 October 2008

More of the same

I didn't get a chance to walk Drifter today but did laser him before leaving for class with the girls. He seems a little less resistant to stretching (I didn't do it for 2 days, thinking I maybe shouldn't). He likes when I massage around the groin area (what guy wouldn't?) but doesn't seem to react in pain from any probing. We'll see what the PT says tomorrow. The appointment is at 3:30 but it's a good ways into NJ so I have to leave around 1:30. I'm very glad that Drifter is a good house dog (quiet), because some dogs with no exercise for 3 days would be clawing up the walls, but he is not like that; he's just laying around. He maybe is a little more eager when I get up and open the door, but that's about it. He still looks sound around the house so nothing new to report.

The girls were pretty good in class. I don't think I'm going to get a full running frame from Kiba anytime soon, but she doesn't exactly come down slowly, and she somehow seems to understand the "lie down" behavior - which means throw another little stride on there and don't leave the general vicinity of the down-ramp before I do. It's sort of a non-trained communication thing, somehow she knows what I mean and what I reward, so that's what she does. And it involves coming down relatively quickly AND hitting the yellow so its good enough for now. Class was two pretty tough jumpers courses (with weaves), and both girls had their moments but I was pleased overall. They both got a hard weave entry, and after Kiba's first try she didn't touch many bars. Seri had trouble with a few handling spots (her stride and jump can be SO HUGE) but overall she's really trying to listen and I'm pleased with her. She was barking halfway 'round the course again. Crazy!

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