11 October 2008

Keystone Day 1

Today we had Gamblers, Standard, and Steeplechase Round 1. I didn't enter Pairs.

Kiba had Masters Gamblers first, and she ran perfectly, gambled perfectly (a weird send/wrap/send gamble), and won the class. Seri had Advanced Gamblers next, and she had the same gamble but closer to the line, and she was also fantastic and got the gamble - which is her Advanced Gamble title, putting in Masters for that class! Wow! After that we had Starters Standard, and she broke her stay and knocked the first bar but after that was just brilliant. Steeplechase was next, and Kiba was excellent, running clean and taking first place by .4 of a second over the next dog (her cousin!). Seri was very good as well, although she ran past a tunnel entry and then missed her weave entry, but was clean other than that so still made the qualification cutoff and got her very first Steeplechase Q! Last was Masters Standard for Kiba, a somewhat tricky course, and she aced it for her 3rd Q of the day, and probably a third 1st place as well, although they weren't done yet when I left.

Kiba is on a streak of 10 consecutive clean runs - I include the gamblers runs (2 of them) because she didn't just Q, she was also totally clean on the course I chose for her - no bars, contacts, etc. That's astounding to me. I don't think Drifter's ever had more than 4 or 5 clean runs in a row, and not very often. I'm starting to think I may leave him down at 22" next year. Seri is already looking great (at 26"), and Kiba is totally ready for Nationals and IFCS, so maybe I should just keep him as my crazy 22" National-level weapon and just forget International events with him. Not sure if that's what I'll do or not, but I am entertaining the thought. I still might take him to FCI Tryouts in May (if he happened to make that team I would certainly work on 26 then!), but if he doesn't make it I may just back him off and let him do 22". We'll see. I've got about 6 weeks to figure out what height i want to qualify him at for Tournaments.

He looks good today, too. I stretched, lasered, and walked. Today he looked pretty sound trotting so I let him have some free play in the flexi lead and he got some faster walking and easy trotting in.


Emily said...

Josie was happy to share the STP podium with her squeaking-midget-somewhat-sibling-thing :o) I suppose, perhaps, there is something to that cross, as Josie beat Kiba's time in Standard by about 0.40sec (though she missed the AF as I was falling and twisting my ankle as she took it -- brilliant!! ;-)

Kiba looked GREAT today. She's a speedy little demon, for sure.

We'll have to duke it out in STPr2 tomorrow...I much prefer double weaves, anyway!!! (I figure Josie was all a-framed out after 2 good ones in STP, she couldn't be bothered to hit twice on the down side in Std -- annoying!!) :)

Btw, Mikey Murphy and Bailey hit LAA-Platinum in Pairs with Munchie the JRT as the last run of the day -- too cool for them! :)

Sharon Gilligan said...

Woo hoo for Mike and Bailey!

Good luck in ST Round 2 to the squeaking-midget-somewhat-sbiling-thing and Josie :)

I'm at my son's football game today. Will be waitig to hear how the 22in ST class runs. Gusto will not be there to smoke the 26 inch class :) Watch - Seri will win it.

Emily said...

Actually all of the DeMascio dogs got 2nd place today :-P I saw Barb picking up the ribbons -- it was a red/white party!!! :o)

22" STP was real close. Mick was first at 29.29sec, Kiba 2nd with 29.32sec, then Josie with 29.34sec. Talk about close!! :o)

Rosanne said...

For Josie beating Kiba's time in standard: I held my dogwalk for a good bit, kept her on the table past "go", and kept her feet on the see-saw past when it hit the ground, so that would be probably a whole second worth right there, if not more. Wanted to make sure all her obstacles were still in working order:-)

Steeplechase was crazy close. And Kiba was wide before the broad (thought we were going right instead of left!) or she might have beaten Mick! Fun!