16 October 2008

Joe the Plumber, I do not feel bad for you.

I did not watch the debate last night. But I've been reading about it this morning. Aparently this Joe fella in OH was one of McCain's "point scoring" opportunities. See, the guy Joe has been a hard-working plumber for a while. So he's decided he wants to buy the small plumbing business he works for. Well apparently this business is making some real good money, taking in more than $250K a year. Under Obama's proposed tax plan, the taxes for someone making more than that amount would raise from 36% to 39%. Joe spoke to Obama at a question/answer session in OH and wasn't pleased that Obama couldn't tell him he wouldn't raise his taxes if he bought the business. So Joe says if Obama was president, he couldn't afford to buy the business.

Here is an interview with the belligerent conservative plumber. Note that he seems to think that people who don't make as much money aren't working as hard? He of course says not all of them, but that's the impression I get from the guy is that he went to Obama's event JUST to try to rattle him.

Excuse me, am I supposed to feel sorry for you Joe the Plumber? I know that I certainly couldn't afford to buy a business like that. And 3% more is going to break you? I don't think so. That is $7500. From a business making $250,000 that is not a huge deal. Man up and help your country by paying taxes that SOME of us can't afford to pay. And don't tell me that you can afford to buy a business that owes $90,000 in taxes, but you couldn't POSSIBLY deal with one that pays $97,500 in taxes. Does that make any sense? Come on. The gas price drop ALONE will probably pay that difference on your trucks and vans.

McCain thinks that "spreading the wealth" is a horrible idea. Me? I like that idea. I can't afford higher taxes. Joe the Plumber who owns a thriving business? He can. He sure doesn't WANT to. But he can. I can't. Really. I'm just thankful to have a job that's not in jeopardy and a company that can afford to give me a good raise, and not a below-market one.

There are actually people who think Obama is a socialist. That was a new one for me. Guess he learned that from "palling around with terrorists" (translated - lives down the street from a former Vietnam War protester).

Luckily for those of us with brains and sense, Obama is opening up a lead, and McCain's bitter personal attacks last night won't eat away much of that lead. McCain's behavior lately has rallied those who already support him, but those who were on the fence see nasty personal attacks and negativity and it doesn't exactly attract them.

Go Obama!


cedarfield said...

I actually heard a woman say in a tv interview that she wouldn't vote for Obama because "then the Blacks would take over". That's how she said it, with the "B" capitalised.This woman lives in Ohio.

Rosanne said...

I saw on CNN they were showing a couple residences in some backwater town (maybe also in OH?) that had some really horrible racist "halloween" decorations with Obama's name and nooses and idiotic hateful things like that.

It's amazing how many people still think that way!