07 October 2008

In which I join Facebook and learn it doesn't work on my computer

So this morning I joined Facebook. I generally have some deep-seated dislike for social networking sites but a bunch of my friends are on it so I figured I'd at least join and see WTF they are doing all day. Well I joined while I was at work, on the computer there. No problems. Came home (got delayed at work then had some errands I forgot about - buying stuff for the trip to Nationals aleady, wow!). Just logged back into Facebook. . . and the buttons don't work on this computer. Crap computer! After I get back from Nationals I will be backing up all the worthwhile stuff on this hard drive, then switching to my dad's "old" laptop (which isn't old at all). What happens on Facebook is that the page will open up, I can read everything on it, but when I try to click a button for "Post" or "Confirm", the computer thinks for about 10 seconds, then does nothing. Tried putting the pointer in the line and then hitting Enter and it does the same thing. Conclusion? Facebook buttons must use Java applications, and this computer is notoriously stupid with Java. I've tried to re-install it numerous times with little success.

As for how is Drifter today, well, I left for work at 3:30am and he looked, um, sleepy. Just got home and walked him to potty and he looks "ok" but I didn't trot him out or anything. I will laser and walk him later on and get a feel for how he looks then. He's certainly not worse.

It has been suggested indirectly that it might be Lyme. It is not Lyme. It is a re-injury of something he pulled a year ago. It isn't recurring, the mysteriousness isn't that sometimes he is limping and sometimes he isn't, the mysteriousness is what part of his leg(s) hurts him. And guess what? Iliopsoas muscles are also known to be mysterious and hard to diagnose, so that does make sense. I'll have confirmation on Thursday. Now if we go in and he's achey and they can't find a muscular cause, then yeah, I'll go get him tested for Lyme.

But keep in mind that till after Nationals at least, I won't be able to respond to Facebook comments. I can read them, just not post. So if you want to talk, email me!

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