09 October 2008

Diagnosis: Just what I thought

Ria confirmed that Drifter has a mild strain/pull of his right iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscles. His pelvis was also out, and that could either be an effect or the cause of the muscle issue. Impossible to tell which came first. So she loosened it up, got his pelvis back where it belonged (it had shifted rearward, not sideways), and I have 3 stretches to do every day plus specific points to laser and continued leash walking.

He MAY be fine for Fair Hill. He may not be ready yet. I won't know till next week. It depends on how quickly he heals. Last time he pulled it he was completely sound at a walk/trot by about the 8-10th day of 'rehab', so if he holds true to that he should be OK for Fair Hill. I have another appointment to see her again next Thursday. I emailed his team-mates to see what they want to do. If they'd rather find a third now so they aren't left hanging, that is fine with me. I can switch him over to a couple Master classes instead and then if he doesn't look right I'll pull him at the last minute.

ETA: I spoke with one of Drifter's team-mates and she was VERY emphatic that I should NOT run him at Fair Hill. And honestly I think she's right. I need him to be sound for Nationals. So I've emailed the secretary to withdraw him. If for some reason there are no other broken teams or draw entries I will run Singe as their third. I've been working with her a lot the last few months and while she's not Drifter, she should be enough to get them a Team Q.

So Drifter will be going out to Nationals on a month of rest from trialing!

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LitlBigDog said...

Glad to hear its nothing major!