20 October 2008

Cold and Lots to Do

Fair Hill went in a very mediocre fashion for me. Overall Kiba was pretty good, nailed a tough jumpers course except for one bar, nailed GP except for a contact (note to self - do NOT pull away from the aframe early no matter HOW far down I THINK she's going to land!). No E's, but no stellar clean runs either. Her times are phenomenal, almost always in the top 3 barring time-eating mistakes. I didn't hang around but I'm pretty sure her team will Q even though we had an E in Relay. Singe did fairly well overall, and it was actually my mis-reading of her reactions in 2 handling situations that earned her 2 E's. One was a wrap and I asked her to go left which was a rear cross, and she jumped so straight on that I thought she was coming into me on a right hand turn so I changed my mind and said "come", well it turned out she WAS turning left like I asked and I panicked too soon so when I said "come" she flipped around the other direction (right) and ended up back-jumping. Ooops! That was just total lack of trust on my part. She ran GP very well with a single bar down despite some weird distances and turns. She got around a tough jumps with a few bars down but stayed on course where many others did not. Then in relay I didn't realize that I needed a strong false turn to get the aframe in a discrimination, I thought she had it and took off, well she didn't haev it. Again lack of communication, not really her fault. She did the harder part. Seri was pretty good overall, no E's till relay where she went off her stick completely and just ran amok. But she got around everything else (somehow!) with only minor faults. Her team almost certainly did not Q. Singe's I'm not sure, we were 7th going into Relay but 2 of our dogs E'd in relay. A lot of other dogs did too, so we may have stayed above the cutoff line for a Q, I'll have to ask my teammates.
Somewhere among the running 3 fast dogs and hiking back and forth in the rough grass and hilly ground I pulled a muscle in my left thigh. I don't know which one. It hurts when I put my weight down on it.

This week I have a TON of stuff to get done before we leave after work Friday for TX and then AZ. Here's the abbreviated list:
The van needs an oil and filter change, tire rotation, and general fluids/brakes checked.
Lots of laundry to be washed and sorted. Running clothes packed immediately. Travel clothes set aside. Toiletries packed.
Practice at least once, seriously, with Sharon at the field. Drifter can run now.
Laser and stretch Drifter every day (takes 20 minutes)
Laser and stretch myself every day (another 20 minutes!)
Get dog food, crates, cool coats, etc together.
Get a hair cut!

There's more, I'm sure but I'm out of ideas for now. It's getting colder here in the warehouse where I work. It was 33 and frosty when I got up this morning. Brrrr!

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