23 October 2008

Cocaine is bad.

Those of you who know me well have heard me mention a certain coworker previously. She is deaf, but aside from that, she just does the weirdest things sometimes. A year ago she marched right up to me (I was sitting at the computer doing my own thing) and wrote down "I never stole anything in my life!" Then I tried to ask her who had said she stole something and she said that I had said so. What?! No idea who gave her that idea and when I tried to explain (by writing) she just eventually stormed off in a huff and brought my boss out who spoke to me and explained to my coworker (she's a part-timer, only here a few hours in the morning) that I did NOT in fact think she was stealing things. ((I should mention that sign language has a different syntax than spoken English so the way she writes things and the way I write things don't always match up so misunderstandings do happen.)) To this day (over a year later) I have no idea what brought that on. I think this lady may be a little "touched". Earlier this year she marched up to DJ and said the same thing, except this time it was "I never do cocaine in my life". Dj says. . .uhh. . .OK. . . who said you did? And once more she points at him. Sensical? NOPE!

Today she told me another part-timer (we have about 50 in the mornings to load the delivery trucks and various related tasks) had stolen her (gasp) box cutter. Box cutters are like a dime a dozen but she said this kid was "a bad person" and after she told me this (like I care!) she then came back in and said that she knows that Cocaine is bad for your body and she doesn't do it.

OK. Great. Yes. Cocaine is bad. I'm about the cleanest person you'll meet (never smoked a SINGLE thing in my life that wasn't distant second-hand). I hardly drink. But I sure as hell don't walk around saying "I have never done cocaine!" as a conversation starter! And I don't tell people "I know cocaine is bad!" That's WEIRD. That is sort of in the "doth protest too much" category, if you know what I mean. . . .

Anyway, just wanted to jot this incident down before I got into packing and practicing and forgot about it. Have to remember to buy water for the dogs on the way home, its the one thing I forgot yesterday when I went to the store.

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