05 October 2008

Artful Dodgers/Wilmington and a Nervous Situation

Saturday I went to Artful Dodgers USDAA trial. I ran all 3 adult dogs. Kiba was fabulous, running perfectly in all 3 runs - a Gamblers Q, 2nd and a Q in Grand Prix (she missed 1st by .2 of a second, and was one of only 2 dogs under 31 seconds), and then her and her partner ran clean in Pairs. Drifter also was great in Gamblers for a Q, but knocked a bar in GP, and went over an off course jump in pairs - I think my forcing a front cross sent him wide - I usually don't force fronts that make him swing tight around him. And Seri started out great with a perfect Advanced Gamblers Q, then sort of had a bit of trouble staying on things in Starters standard - jumped off the table, flew off the see-saw, and then sort of slid off the side of the top ramp of the dogwalk. Oh my! Stayed on course and had great weave poles, anyway. In Grand Prix she was a wild child, knocking 2 bars, missing a weave entry, and then running by the see-saw (partially my fault). But again at least she stayed on course.

Saturday night I noticed Drifter looked a little off, limping slightly, but figured it was his left toe bothering him again. No big deal.

Sunday I drove up to Wilmington for an AKC trial. I did not enter Seri to save money. Drifter was first, and again I thought he looked slightly off, but thinking it was his toe I ran him anyway - he knocked one bar and rattled 2 or 3 more. That's a lot of rattling. On the way back to the car he looked off again - worse. I trotted him and circled both ways and discovered his doesn't look like his front left, but might be his right rear instead. Which is the one he pulled his iliopsoas slightly last year. So I scratched him from standard and just got him out and walked him slowly several times. Each time he was worst coming out of the crate and better after walking, so it is definitely a muscular issue.

Kiba was fabulous, again. She won JWW at 6.29YPS, and then ran clean in Standard as well. She may not have won that as I held her on the dogwalk and wasn't as perfect everywhere, but she ran clean and that's what counts. 40.something, so a decent time. I will check her placement online tomorrow. So she's now got 5 out of 6 double Q's, I'm feeling more confident about at least getting her to AKC Nationals! Yay!

I am waiting to hear back from our PT about getting Drifter out to see them this week. That's the Nervous Situation. Nationals is only 3 weeks away. I did not need a lame dog now. Although I will say that when I got him out of the car after the 1 and 1/2 hour drive home he didn't seem that sore, so hopefully not a bad pull. Sigh.

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LitlBigDog said...

Poor Drif Drif! Please keep us updated!!!