13 October 2008

6 is a good number

Kiba is 3 years and 10 months old. WTF? She's insanely good now, apparently. She qualified in EVERY SINGLE CLASS this weekend. 6 for 6, with an extra clean run thrown in Steeplechase round 2. She was not perfect - she missed an aframe contact in the closing of Snooker but had exactly 37 points so still got a Q so I could say we Q'd in everything:-) I don't believe I've EVER done that in my entire life! Wow! She hit zero bars, aced the tough courses, stayed, jumped, handled, everything! She got 2nd in Steeplechase round 2 by .03 of a second behind Donna and Mick - we did have one wide corner where she drifted out and looked the wrong way. Didn't lose much time but it could have been more than .03! I'm happy anyway. And Seri! She started the day with a whacky but clean Starters Standard, putting her only one more Standard and Jumper away from her AD title. Then she finished her Starters Snooker title. Then. . . she ran CLEAN in Steeplechase Round 2! She screamed her way around, nailed the aframe, managed to stick her weave entries and left all her bars up. She got beat by Sue's Whip who is much tighter and more experienced, but she picked up 2nd in the 26" class! Woohoo! Crazy wild baby dog rockin' it! She then knocked one bar in Starters Jumpers on a front cross, but that's OK, she had a great weekend overall, and I'm not as worried about screwing up her team next weekend now!

So a good weekend in USDAA. Kiba was 6 for 6 on Q's, with 6 out of 7 totally clean runs. Seri was 4 for 6 Q's with 5 for 7 clean runs if you count Steeplechase round 1 (with two "refusals"). I'm happy with all that. I think Seri only hit one bar all weekend and stayed on all her see-saws!

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