23 July 2008

You know, I really didn't think I was going to enjoy this blogging thing but I do. It serves several purposes. It works as a training journal so I can keep track of what issues I may have forgotten to work on (threadles), its an easy public way to recap my dogs' weekends so I don't have to email the same summary to 4 different people, and it gives me something to do when I get bored.

So we finally get a day under 90 degrees. . . . and it's stormy. Oh well. It's more interesting, anyway. When I got up for work this morning (3:15am) and I took Seri out to potty there was almost constant lightning flashing on the horizon. Not real close, but nevertheless I stood and watched each dog pee and immediately called them back in. Not taking any chances. Also, you never know when a non-thunderphobic dog will suddenly decide a certain thunderclap was terrifying. Kiba is starting to be a little worried about storms. I know she has at least one close relative who was thunderphobic (shared 3 grandparents), so I did figure I'd need to keep an eye on that. Can be VERY genetic! I generally ignore storms entirely, and mostly that's what my dogs do. Drifter wants to be near me, but doesn't freak out. The youngsters Seri and Drake could almost be deaf for the attention they pay to thunder (they're not deaf though!).

Did one good course in the yard when I got home (lull in the weather), 3 dogwalks, 2 seesaws, a threadle and a 180. He was great except that damned threadle again! Went through it the other direction and the first time he just plain didn't do it. Grrrrr! He is now officially in remedial threadle-school. Kiba doesn't need tons of handling as she'll get sour so I just played fetch over one jump to keep her thinking about her striding while still having fun. And Seri spent 5 more minutes figuring out the see-saw. She's had trouble keeping herself on it at trials previously so I'm glad I have the opportunity now for her to be on it every day to really figure it out. She's not really a hard headed dog, but she's also not really bothered by sailing through the air off the "diving board" either, so it took a bit of me holding the board and dropping it so she could figure out how to hold on properly, and a bit of correction for not doing so, then just lots of repetition from different speeds and angles so she could get her body on it and stay on it. She's looking 300% better already after 3 sessions.


Diann said...

Do you have CRCD? I have a good threadle exercise I can send to you.

Rosanne said...

I have a very outdated trial version of CRCD. Not paying money for a newer one.

Anyways, I'm fine, I just didn't realize quite how bad he was so it shocks me all over again every time I try to do one. Big glaring weakness, he does them but they're horrid! I just put one in every sequence I run for a few weeks and he'll improve.