28 July 2008

Tamarack Recap

Well I survived the drive out to Meadville and back, barely.
I got out of the house in a reasonably quick manner on Friday, and on the road. Aside from 15 miles to the Northeast Extension on a 2-lane road, the entire drive was fast highways so it went quickly and easily. Here was my problem: I stopped right about halfway there, off Route 80 (which I was on for 256 miles!). Pottied myself and the dogs, jumped back in the car, and got going again. A few minutes later I felt a little warm, so I turned the vent up. Then I realized the A/C wasn't blowing cold. Interesting. Jiggled the switches around a bit, turned it on/off. Realized it's not just not blowing cold, it's NOT WORKING AT ALL! Crap! No A/C! So I finished the drive out and did the ENTIRE drive back with NO air conditioning :-( Luckily it wasn't sweltering hot, but nevertheless, mid-80's is not really cool enough for the vents to do it for me, and the backs of my legs and my back were moist the entire way back. And I just can't have windows open when I'm travelling at my definitely-speeding highway speed. Van's going in today to get fixed. It's Certified so it should be free, thankfully!

Anyhow, on to the dogs. This was my first venture into the realm of FAST class. Which, perfectly enough, was first each day. So Saturday started with Novice FAST, where Drifter went jump jump see-saw-jump (that's seesaw-jump, one obstacle:-) So I got to correct him! I said "excuse me" in a perfectly polite voice, stopped him, swung him back over a jump, then took the see-saw again. This time I got see-saw-stay! Hooray! Then he finished, did the bonus, and qualified. Kiba ran perfectly and Q'd as well. Excellent standard was a good, fair course. Sit on the table. Drifter ran clean and fast, with a good "lie down" dogwalk (remember that means we're turning and he has to slow down and turn/check in, not actually lie down). Kiba was so close. She tried to run across my feet to a see-saw but I called her off and got her over the next jump without running by, but it was still called a refusal because of the way her path went. I will try to get the courses up later in the day if I can. JWW was another fair course, Drifter ran very well, I accidentally layered a jump I didn't mean to but I honestly don't think he noticed. Only problem was he dropped the triple after the weaves. AKC courses are definitely doing this a lot, this triple followed by a turn thing. Something I'll have to practice, having my dogs adjust and turn over triples. . . Kiba ran JWW clean.

Sunday neither dog got the bonus in FAST, because they both managed to knock the panel, which was the first obstacle in the bonus. This is sad because for Kiba the dog before had knocked the top rail and nobody noticed till Kiba got out there and knocked it again, which means she knocked a 16" jump :-( Oddly, that was the only bar she hit all weekend.
Standard was next again, and again Drifter came through with an awesome run. There a couple tricky parts but overall I liked the course. Drifter doesn't do well on courses that let him check out and ignore me for long stretches, so this was a good one to keep him tuned in. There was a tough dogwalk-jump-weave where the weave entry was a hard heel-side one, with a dummy jump nearby so if you pushed the dog went off course. Easy enough with Drifter - I just let him blow down the dogwalk at full speed (perfect!), and met him at the pole entry. Kiba, not so easy, I have to babysit her DW contact, and unfortunately her weave entries are not as good as Drifter's, she's not as operant a learner as he is. Obviously I need to work on that, because she focused on the weaves right away, but she basically just ran at the middle of them and then turned around and looked at me like "Wait, how do I do this??".
JWW was last, and again, Drifter came through for me. A pretty technical course this time, fine by me. He was great, so he picked up a Double Q for me! yay! I didn't waste a sweaty ride out to nowhere! I didn't run Kiba because she had NQ'd in the morning and I wanted to get out of there.

So the count is now Drifter: 2 2Q's, 2JWW's towards Tryouts, 2 STD's towards Tryouts. Lots of points. Kiba: 1 2Q, probably about 70 points total

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Diann said...

YAY!!! I couldn't wait for today's "issue" to see how they did! Congrats on the Double Q!!