28 July 2008


My shoulder is hurting today. It's been starting to act up over the last week or so. It's my fault, of course, because I haven't been doing the stretching/strengthening exercises my PT gave me. Duh! Then at work we had to put return labels on 150+ packages for the Bed Bath and Beyond in King of Prussia - they had a fire and don't know when they'll be able to open up again. They didn't burn down, but they definitely need some work before they can open.
This is what I have in my shoulder. It's almost certainly from working at FedEx Ground for 6 years. I started out doing lots of physical stuff, sorting boxes on conveyor belts, then loading trucks, sometimes upwards of 1000 packages a night, 5 times a week. Plenty of overhead stuff, plenty of reaching and pushing and pulling and twisting. I haven't really been doing that for 3 years, but I still help out, and I definitely still move things and reach plenty. I don't need surgery (yet?), but I am one of those annoying stoic people who just ignore the pain, which in this case is something I shouldn't do. Good thing I have a wonderful PT for my dogs who is also a people PT, and was able to diagnose me and tell me to behave!

Anyhow, if you see me suddenly switching hands to tug with my dogs or grabbing a table and pulling up/back, that's why. I'm not really just that weird. Of course it's my right shoulder, since I'm right handed. At least I walk my (sled) dogs on the left!

Oh, and more Pain - found out that something jumped up into the lower grill of my van and took a chunk out of the condenser. Grr. Did some research and discovered its not an uncommon problem in Odysseys. Cost to fix? $815ish. Under warranty? Of course not. It's not their fault they designed it badly, is it? Anyways, I ordered a grille insert off ebay to cover it (looks pretty decent too). I had some money in PayPall still from selling model horses so its only costing me $27 total. Not bad.

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