19 July 2008

Non-sporting dog club

So I only entered one day of the trial this weekend, and BOY am I glad!!! It turned out that 2.5 hours of driving each way is more than enough. Next time I'm at this site I am going to be real brave and bring my mom's RV. She's going to TAG that weekend and is staying at a hotel so she doesn't need it. My first "big girl" outing in the beast by myself! Not really looking forward to the driving, but I'm not actually afraid of it, I just dislike it, you know?

Anyhow. Got out of the house by 5:10 this morning (got up at 4:45, remember, that's still sleeping "in" for me, or it would have been if I hadn't stayed up "late" last night to watch the new Doctor Who episode!). Got to the site around 7:40, so yeah, almost exactly 2.5 hours. Ick. Not bad once, but twice in a day was a bit much. Kiba had JWW first. She was the 7th dog in, which was good because then I didnt' conflict with walking Drifter's standard course in the other ring. Kiba ran clean in JWW, very fast, very tight, nailed a pretty tough weave entry AND didn't pop out at pole 10 (I walked, like I would with a baby dog!). She won the class, time was 23.95 - she was moving for a midget-mite, 5.97YPS! Yahoo! Will get the points total on Tuesday when results are posted online.
Drifter's standard was next. He's jumping 24 now, and after his last trial was at 22 I was a little worried about bars. Well it started with a tire so I thought "oh, good, he'll get reminded of the height in a non-knockable obstacle". Which was great. He went tire-jump-jump just fine, it was the see-saw at number 4 that he couldn't handle properly, he rode it till it was just about horizontal, then leapt right off and boogied into the tunnel at 5. So STUPIDLY I did not leave then, I continued on (WHY?) did tunnel, weave, then knocked the next bar. And the one after that. So I stopped him after 9. I said "Hey, get your brain back!", then we moved on. He jumped 10, knocked it, and shot across my feet to hit the weaves (again!). OH MY! EVIL DOG! He got picked right up and walked off. Not something I have to do often with him! All the way back to the car I described to him just how angry I was.

Next up, Kiba's standard. Working on a doubleQ, her 3rd time running in B! And she did it!!! Hooray for 3 year old dogs that actually STAY when you say STAY!!! Boy, her contacts were a bit slow, I haven't told her "lie down stay stay stay" in a long time, but she listened like a champ. Even rode the see-saw all the way down and stood there looking at me like "OK, whatever!". I don't know if she won that class, especially since I was holding contacts, but that doesn't matter:-)

Last was Drifter's JWW. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother running that since he NQ'd in the morning, but it was up RIGHT after Kiba's run so I didn't have to sit around waiting for nothing. So I ran him to get him on 24" some more and try to get our "groove" back. Well, obviously my wordy descriptions of what I'd do to him if he misbehaved paid off, because he stayed on the start like a rock (no twitchiness), and was super fast and tight and clean the whole way round! Woohoo! got my dog back! His time: 23.87 I am going to assume he won that one. At least I ended up 3 for 4 and left with Drifter on a good note.

Something I did notice though, is that boy is Kiba picking up speed. Even taking the jump height difference into account, 20 vs 24" (but Kiba's 18" tall and Drifter's over 20"), she was damned close to his time! She's turning into a real contender! Watch out world! :-D


Diann said...

Way to go Kiba!!! The little termite is kicking it into high gear!

Drifter must have been in contact with his brother ... we need to hide those cell phones! Sounds like a awesome JWW run, though!

Emily said...

YAY for baby dog's nipping on the heels of grown dogs' times :) Good girlie, Kiba!!!