30 July 2008


So I realized in the last year or two that even though I love Drifter dearly, and I am constantly in awe of his speed and power in agility, he and I often clash on some fundamental level. He is the only dog I truly get angry at once in a while when I'm training. Sure I have moments with my other dogs, and I do correct them for stuff now and then, but Drifter just finds my last nerve, and stomps all over it every few weeks.

Today was one of those days.

He is always retarded at the field where my mom holds classes. He is more retarded and stupid and high there than he is at 95% of the trials I go to. This makes class very interesting and frustrating for me. I should probably stop taking him, but every week I think "it will be good to work through it" but instead I get mad at him because he makes some stupid mistake. And because I'm mad, he keeps making the mistake. Today it was a pretty simple high-speed serpentine. First he ran by it. Then he knocked the bar. Then he knocked the bar again. And again. WTF?! you may ask. Yeah, me too. I tell you, I canNOT get this dog to knock bars in my yard, no matter how hard I try. He is not the most careful dog on earth, but this was getting ridiculous. I got mad. (I do have a bit of an anger issue, I will admit that, I get a little ragey once in a while). I picked him up. I scruffed him a bit. I dropped him from a little higher up than I meant to. I'm sure people think I'm a horrible, horrible trainer. I'm not. I cooled enough to go back out and back-chain that part, and rewarded the jump a couple times, and then he got it. He really is a very bright dog at figuring stuff out, but when I get mad at him he sometimes just gets stuck in a rut and can't get out.


Now since I worked him so hard today I need to give him tomorrow off. He is doing run-throughs on Friday before the trial this weekend so he doesn't need to be working hard all 7 days this week. On an upbeat note, Seri did VERY well in class, isn't hitting many bars anymore and is generally following my handling very nicely. Still throws her ass in the air every once in a while, and screams when I surprise her with something:-)

Oh, and the Odyssey cost $889 to fix the A/C and change the oil. My add-on lower grille cover shipped in the mail today. I should have it Monday. Which is good so my A/C doesn't break again on the trip to NC, assuming my dogs don't get kennel cough at Elkhound Club this weekend! My life is crazy!
Here's what I got for the Ody, to stop rocks and debris coming through that bottom opening, which is where the condenser is.

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