18 July 2008

I am oppressed!

I did manage to go out into the sweltering afternoon and do one 20-obstacle course once with each dog. Unfortunately they did not cooperate and we did have to repeat a section or two with each, but I kept it very short.
For those that don't know, I don't have a full set of equipment, just 7 jumps, tire, weaves, dogwalk, and table. And the yard I work in is maybe 40 x 100ish. Long and narrow. So I do a lot of back and forth, but at least its enough to get 20 obstacles in so the dogs don't always go out there expecting 5 at a time.

Weather.com says its currently 94 but the heat index is 100 due to the humidity. There's a heat warning in effect until Sunday, basically. Yeah, and I have a trial tomorrow! Hooray! I'm going to be a nasty mess driving home :-(

Remind me again why I want to move to North Carolina?

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