22 July 2008

How much is not enough?

So I have 15 days of AKC planned between now and October. Both my dogs that I would like to take to AKC Nationals each have one 2Q. Is 33% 2Q rate asking too much?
I'm also planning 2 or 3 trials in November, so I guess the total for the remaining qualifying period would be 19-21 days left.

You know what, if they can't qualify in all that time, they probably shouldn't be going at all, huh?


Emily said...

That last sentence is my feeling on the subject. It's what I tell everyone that wants other people to throw a Steeplechase round1 run so their baby dog can Q for Nationals...

If you need someone to throw a local STP run so you can go to Nationals...why bother???

But, you said it, not me :)

Rosanne said...

I say lots of things:-)

When people suggest I throw a class, they're usually joking. I always tell them my fee is $500 take it or leave it. So far nobody's paid it!